India takes a hard line against Fitness First

The UK firm, Fitness First is a company that is known for convenient locations, good equipment and very affordable prices compared to low value high price facilities such as Virgin Active. Both these entities are ambitious in terms of expanding abroad and whilst Virgin has it’s own set of issues to deal with in South Africa, India seems to have taken Fitness First to the cleaners:

The Times of India, In Delhi, reported that the court considered that Fitness First had expelled two members unjustly and ordered the facility to pay compensation to the members. It is claimed that the members had complained over services which was marketed but not actually present following which their memberships were terminated.

The court considered that “Right of admission” should only apply in the circumstances of limited numbers and is not a policy that could be implemented freely per the needs of the facility.

This is surprising as Fitness First in the UK is one of the most flexible facilities in terms of policy and treatment, and in a country where Gym’s generally are known for having “a contract with a catch”, they have a great reputation in the UK.

Gym’s are competing heavily these days to offer value – as do people when they see how hard others work out. At the end of the day, a fitness workout is something personal, to improve health and mindset rather than a competitive activity, for some.

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