Health and fitness news from around the web


This week has started off with a few developments in the world of health and fitness. Whilst we would have enjoyed sharing breakthrough news about new cure’s and techniques, also in alternative health, it started on a slightly different note with news that healthcare costs for employees in the US would soar – followed by a bit of wind over in the UK coming from Mr. Miliband over mental health. But what else is news?

Women and smoking:

It is now claimed that women who are able to quit smoking before the age of 40 can easily add a decade to their lifespan, that’s right: Smoking can kill you 10 years before it’s time to go. This is not really a new discovery however Mr. Richard Peto from Oxford University seems to think it is. We wonder what Peto’s findings were with regards to men then? Certainly they are equally vulnerable perhaps not in the area of breast cancer but certainly heart disease and other related illnesses.

Health app industry poised for strong growth:

Tech Navio predicted that demand for the use of health apps is so strong that the industry will grow by 40% within the next 3 years. Recently Healthynewage started to mention some prominent apps in the fitness training regime, in an article by Dr. Mark Mitchelson. Currently the market has seen apps ranging from weight loss, fitness workouts to other medical condition and quiz type apps.

Humana’s engagement of the health sector:

Speaking of apps, Humana has gone a step further to partner with an online gaming concern in order to apply their branding to some games. Employee engagement in the context of company culture was also on the agenda: Employers will follow the trend for various reasons: with the end result being more health conscious employer led schemes to improve the health and wellbeing of workers.

La vista health clinic:

Convenience health is an in demand service that is trending. So much so that in London UK there are 24 hour dental practices popping up everywhere, besides the busy professional would rather go after hours when there is no traffic jams to have their dental needs taken care of. Now the la Vista health clinic has set out to meet the demands of modern convenience health by making available a multitude of services all in one location, effectively minimizing or eliminating the need for patients to move around between different wards and facilities to receive all encompassing care.