Anti aging medicine revealed, Part2, Dr. Mark Mitchelson








TESS: My dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, please let us continue our discussion on anti-ageing natural medicines?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Before I begin my dissertation in Part 2 of this series, first of all I would like to bring to your reader’s attention a quotation from the Holy Bible, Genesis 3.22.

And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good from evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the “Tree of Life “and eat and live forever.”

“So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.”

TESS: Dr Mark Mitchelson, surely you have unearthed the mystery behind this particular passage in the Holy Bible?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Of course I have Tess, as I am the world’s leading expert on this type of knowledge and now I am going to share these secrets with you and your readers, since you all are showing so much interest in these topics, which I might add is perfectly natural.

In my previous interview with you, I mentioned about the fact that Fish Oil and or Flaxseed Oil are the so-called Good Oils and that these particular oils are both full of n-3-omega fatty acids, with the Fish Oil coming from an animal based source and the Flaxseed Oil coming from a plant based source.

Evening Primrose Oil is full of n-6-omega fatty acids, as well as n-9-omega fatty acids.

All 3 of these omega fatty acids are extremely necessary for proper cellular membrane production of all the cells present in the human body, particularly the brain cells!

The balance of these 2 Good Oils must be 2: Fish/Flaxseed Oil compared to the 1: Evening Primrose oil for the maximum benefit for the human body to occur.

Also, I mentioned that there were in fact 7(Seven) Minerals that were very necessary for various reasons for  longevity to occur and these are 1) Selenium, 2) Chromium, 3) Zinc, 4) Manganese, 5) Potassium, 6) Calcium, 7) Magnesium.

These particular minerals are the key minerals necessary for proper cellular reproduction and function.

You will note that in many Continents such as Australia and South Africa that the soils are deficient in Zinc and Selenium which is a particular problem for the inhabitants of these land masses.

Zinc in particular which can be sourced from the consumption of onions, is very necessary for Testosterone production in both males and females.

Also, another key ingredient to my anti-aging protocol is Whey Protein, which has high amounts of the amino acid Cysteine, which is the substrate for the body to make the other main anti-oxidant system in the human body, which is Glutathione.

This also creates an extremely powerful cellular anti-aging effect.

Taking all of these factors into consideration as the basic core supplements for our anti-aging dietary regime.

The next most important ingredient to our basic anti-aging regime is the food consumed itself, which should be eaten in the ratio of Complex Carbohydrates 60%, Lean Protein 30% and Fats 10%.

Naturally, wholemeal organic bread, rice, pasta, fruits and vegetables should constitute the complex carbohydrate sector of foods eaten.

Lean sources of animal protein should be sourced from high quality red meats which are primarily grass fed, chicken(free range) without the skin and fresh coastal fishes and seafood, as long as they are sourced from non-polluted oceans and other waterways, which is getting harder to do in this day and age.

Fats should be sourced from extra virgin olive oil and margarine, as well as the natural run off from your lean animal protein, that you are consuming on a  daily basis when it is cooked appropriately.(Do not use Aluminium Foil!)

A 100 kg man for example, if he is training with weights or working hard physically, should consume at least 100 – 200 grams of lean animal or vegetable protein per day.

That is 1-2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight, per day, divided so that not more than 30 grams of protein is consumed in one meal sitting.

This normally means that at least 5 smaller meals per day should be consumed in each 24 hour period of time.

Animal protein sources are far superior in their overall amino acid content and balance thereof so, these sources should be preferred to vegetable sources. Although the occasional use vegetable protein sources, such as lentils or soya beans is somewhat satisfactory, but for various reasons not the ideal source of proteins for the human body.

TESS: Dr Mark Mitchelson, are there any other factors we should consider in our perfect anti-aging regime, that you have not told me about yet?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: There are a few other things, such as Do not use a microwave oven to cook your food, as these types of cooking device, reduce the nutrient content in the food radically through the bombardment of the food by high intensity microwave radiation.

They are banned for use for food preparation in Russia I might add!

Also, do not use Aluminium cookware or Aluminium based anti-perspirants for that matter, as the Aluminium will get absorbed into the blood stream and go straight to the brain and be laid down and cause Alzheimer’s disease eventually.

Only use Stainless steel, or Ceramic Cookware to cook your food in as these are definitely been proven to be safe through the test of time.

Furthermore, if you must eat deep fried foods, which you can occasionally consume.

Use only Sesame Oil or Coconut Oil to deep fry things in.

Canola oil or any other Oils for that matter such as lard or butter are just cheap and nasty to the body in their eventual effects.

Eat only fresh, organically grown foods, as these have the greatest nutrient and mineral content, which is very good for you.

Frozen or tinned foods are best avoided, but can be eaten occasionally because not only do they lack fresh nutrients, but they also contain food additives and preservatives, which are generally best avoided if possible, because they in themselves can induce various food allergy reactions and diseases.

Fresh Spices and Herbs of all different kinds are very good to be used in your cooking, because they normally contain very high quantities of minerals, nutrients, phytochemicals and other anti-oxidants, which is why Asian type prepared meals are generally much healthier for you, than most of the western based cuisines.

The various spices available from around the Planet Earth can actually be used as treatments for some diseases, as they were in times long past.

However, this is a major topic all in itself, which I may discuss with you at a later time, on another day.

Finally, based on my extensive current research, I would definitely be avoiding all genetically modified foods, as I believe the scientists from Monsanto are extremely arrogant, as well as being totally ignorant, because my “Proof of Reality” or “Philosopher’s Stone”, implies that we as human beings have evolved over 3.5 billion years of annual dice throws, along with all the other plants and animals present at this time on the Planet Earth.

So to think that you can just splice a few genes here and there into foods already present and expect that they can be consumed by the majority of people safely, is extremely simplistic science in my view.

Therefore these foods are best avoided, unless you want to become a human guinea pig for Monsanto!

TESS: Ok, Dr Mark Mitchelson, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul, for generously sharing your special secrets on nutrition, with me and my readers worldwide, for the benefit of all humankind!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: The pleasure was all mine Tess and in part 3 I will really inform you of my greatest ever secrets of the “TREE OF LIFE”!