5 Common Reasons Why Doctors Prescribe Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is found in the testicles in men and also in the female adrenal glands and ovaries. The hormone contributes much towards the physical growth in men, especially towards developing their masculine characteristics. There are a few critical instances wherein men suffer from hypogonadism or low levels of testosterone.

Testosterone replacement therapy is immensely helpful under such circumstances. Your testosterone levels are bound to improve once you obtain a prescription for testosterone therapy. People depicting low levels of testosterone will benefit from replacement therapy.

Benefits of enhancing the levels of testosterone within the human body

1. More Blood Cells and Healthy Heart

The human body acquires blood from a healthy heart. It induces oxygen through the various organs and muscles of our body to improve their performance. Testosterone makes use of the bone marrow in facilitating the production of red blood cells. Much of the cardiovascular risks arise from low levels of testosterone. Individuals bearing heart diseases experienced minimal improvements after undergoing testosterone therapy. It only helped some of them to increase their walking pace or distance. The angina pain remained even when the health arteries widened a bit more. Your chances of suffering a cardiovascular attack get reduced by 24 percent after your testosterone levels get back to normal.

2. Extra Muscle and Low Fat

Testosterone increases muscle mass. Leaner body mass enhances energy and controls weight. Treatment can increase the strength and size of muscles besides lowering fat mass. By combining strength workouts and training with testosterone therapy, you’ll see a few additional benefits.

3. Strong Bones

Mineral density of our bones is determined by testosterone. A fall in the levels of testosterone causes a decrease in bone density as we grow old. It leaves our body more prone to osteoporosis and weak bones. Strong bones boost internal organs and muscles, which in turn improves athletic performance. With the right dosage, testosterone treatment can increase the density of bones. The density of hipbones and spinal bones increase due to the effect of testosterone therapy. Some doctors even claim that the risk of fracture gets reduced by testosterone.

4. Improved Logical Reasoning and Verbal Memory

You’re bound to experience lower risks of Alzheimer’s disease when your total testosterone ratio gets higher. Your ability to think gets boosted by the level of testosterone that your body possesses. It enhances the processing speed and verbal memory. The spatial memory in men up to 70 years of age may even improve after testosterone treatment.

5. Better Libido

Sexual activities and arousals cause the levels of testosterone to rise within the human body. Men tend to participate in more intense sexual activities when their testosterone levels are higher than usual. Erectile dysfunction and libido restrictions can be treated by increasing the presence of testosterone.

Your sexual performance and health can benefit from testosterone therapy. However, your sexual libido may not gain out of a testosterone replacement therapy if you don’t have hypogonadism.

The quality of life gets affected when the level of testosterone gets reduced. Irritability, tiredness, and depression are often the outcomes of lower levels of testosterone. You may experience mood swings after attending a testosterone replacement therapy. The mental and physical well-being of men suffering from hypogonadism may improve as their irritability, and tiredness gets lesser. For those that are looking for anti-depressants, this treatment could be beneficial.