What researchers tell us about Tongkat Ali and testosterone levels

There is a good reason that products such as “Long Jack” are in demand: Research on the impact of Tongat Ali on testosterone levels reveal interesting facts.

There is a good reason that products such as “Long Jack” are in demand: Research on the impact of Tongkat Ali on testosterone levels reveal interesting facts.

It is well known that low testosterone levels can lead to several undesired outcomes. This includes hair loss, reduced bone mass, relationship issues due to lowered sex drive, fatigue and even mood changes. Clearly with such a wide variety of ailments linked to low testosterone, people may have their own reasons for wanting to improve it. High numbers of people suffer with the aforementioned problems, so you are certainly not alone in finding answers.

Tongkat Ali plant

Many may seek a quick fix to rapidly improve testosterone and are prepared to take drastic measures. However, a holistic approach to good health is more important than quick fixes that disregards your overall health and wellbeing. This is why Tongkat Ali, a natural supplement has been making the headlines.

Research on Tongkat Ali and testosterone levels:

A clinical trial was conducted, using what is known as “PHYSTA Freeze-Dried Water Extract of Eurycoma longifolia for the Improvement of Quality of Life and Sexual Well-Being in Men”. It was found that it increased the sperm count in males – as well as semen volume, both by staggering proportions. It is also believed that Tongkat Ali lowers both estrogen and cortisol, resulting in a testosterone increase. However, sadly governments in some of the richest countries around the world are not making available sufficient funding for further research, despite ageing and declining populations in many of the affected countries. It is also useful to know that stress is related to low testosterone levels – and Tongkat Ali reduces stress.

Sounds great, but what exactly is Tongkat Ali?

This is a good question, especially if you are considering a Tongkat Ali testosterone solution. Many have already used it, but never saw or remembered the name. This is because it is also known and sold as a Malaysian Ginseng. This is used in Southeast Asia to treat an exhaustive list of ailments, the natural way. In its natural form, Tongkat Ali is commonly found in Borneo and Sumatra – as well as across Indochina. It is a plant that has flowers, with a shrub that can reach almost 10cm. The scientific name is Eurycoma longifolia.

Little is known about side-effects and it is hoped that new research will clarify this in the near future. With people typically consuming it for longer than 3 months, Tongkat Ali is in demand around the world – consumed in a variety of ways.

How is Tongkat Ali consumed?

With more companies marketing this than ever, expect to see many innovating ways in which Tongkat Ali will be packaged and presented. Traditionally, it was added to tea. These days there are infused products, capsules and a growing list of options for oral consumption. One of the most popular options today is a product called “Long Jack”- which is literally used by thousands of people daily.


Low testosterone is undesirable: it affects many more areas of our lives than just sex and intimacy. Yes, issues such as stress and erectile dysfunction are important to many people. The whole world is talking about CBD cannabidiol and magnesium for stress reduction, but Tongkat Ali can be an equally interesting contender to add to the list. Estrogen is also a destructive trend that needs to be reversed: with so many consumers drinking bottled water from plastic containers nowadays – higher levels of estrogen are reported. Since Tongkat Ali also lowers estrogen in people, it serves as a worthy counter-balance to all the things that raises estrogen in our daily lives. It may be a good idea to discuss this with your Doctor in your quest to make a worthwhile life improvement.