CBD cannabidiol products worth sampling this month

Health shopping guide: featured CBD products from Kushly.com, wholesaler and retailer

Whether you are buying your own CBD products or ordering some as a gift, there are always plenty of options around. The company Kushly.com is a pioneer in the area of high-quality non-GMO certified CBD products. Since they only use produce from fully audited, FDA and US Hemp Authority certified farms which exceed FSMA standards, it is well worth looking at their products. We are taking a closer look at some of their best-sellers this month:

THC-free gummies:

CBD gummies with zero THC sounds too good to be true, well, this is because you will pass drug tests with ease given that the psychoactive component is completely absent. Doctors who do recommend CBD for kids with anxiety, are a good example of those who will stock up on the product. It is also a nice way to try out CBD – these gummies look rather similar to wine gums and are simply delicious.

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CBD anti-ageing cream:

Wrinkle reducing cream has always been popular, but now, there is a revolutionary product on the shelves: The CBD Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Cream. Health stores are going crazy to try and stock up on this product as it is in demand. The application is rather simple: Gently massage a dime size amount onto face, neck and decolletage in upward strokes. Use in the morning and at night, every day

Full spectrum CBD oil tinctures:

Just before you think CBD oil don’t taste nice: Kushly.com thought of that – and made it really tasty. Consumers love their mint and cinnamon flavours in particular. There is also lemon flavoured CBD. With varying strengths, they have something for everyone: from those who need strong, potent CBD, to more mild versions of the product.

Note to consumers and retailers: For the abovementioned products, Kushly.com is both a CBD wholesaler and online retailer with a solid global distribution chain. Sam Conley, the COO of the company said: “Our fulfilment platform is proven and reliable and serving any needs for white label clients. We sell both Full spec and Isolate oils/products”. Besides numerous whilte-label CBD products and a rewarding affiliate program, the company also sells much sought-after CBD isolate.

What you should know about CBD:

Taking CBD cannabidiol is a rather new trend in the world – although, it is estimated that already, 6% of Americans are taking it. This is because it treats so many different illnesses, ranging from epilepsy to psoriasis, ADHD, stress, depression, pain and a wide range of psychological and neurological illnesses. It is suggested that before starting treatment, you consult with your Doctor, especially if you are already taking other medicines. Experts agree that a lot of research still needs to be done on CBD, however it is legal in the US – and preliminary results suggest that many Doctors and researchers will be PRO-CBD given that so many people report improvement to their conditions.

A short “Buying guide”:

Not all CBD is created equal. Trying to find “CHEAP CBD” should be out of the question because cheaper imports that are not made of certified produce, possibly from contaminated soil in ASIA, may bring a range of other health risks. In the US, strong certification and quality assurance measurements are available to high-end manufacturers. It is therefore standard practise for retailers, both online and in-store, to provide proof of product certification. Buying CBD online or in store is essentially no different, provided that the products are certified and you buy from a reputable supplier. It is generally accepted that “Made in USA” is a good starting point when sourcing CBD: but looking at product certification and the reputation of a supplier is also necessary.


Check it out with your Doctor whether you should try out CBD as a more natural treatment for any illness. If you are already a CBD user – these products may be a great fit and can be ordered online for rapid delivery.