Pressure Points in Reflexology are Described in a Foot Reflexology Chart

Energy Therapies: What is Reflexology and How Does QiQong Assist
in Cancer Prevention

Foot Reflexology – Spiritual Tools That REALLY work

Alternative types of therapies offer wellness counselors and healers powerful tools for healing and increasing
spiritual awareness of their clients.

There are many traditional and non-traditional tools such as inner child recovery, cellular release, art therapy,
sound and light healing, co-creative healing techniques like acting for healing.

Continue reading to learn a bit more about developing a Qigong practice, and read what Dr. Leia shares about
Foot Reflexology.

Qigong Practice

There are many basic movements found in QiGong that assist in building balance of the energy systems in your
body while promoting good fitness and better health through building CHI in the body. (Chi is vital energy.)

By using QiGong breathing practices you can release anxiety and stress and also increase your ability to concentrate.
A QiGong practice will help you create an alert mind because the basic Qigong movements help to actively
replenish your body with oxygen.

QiGong, in China is a practice that people use for cancer prevention. It is pronounced ‘Chee Gung’ and comes
from the word ‘Qi’ which means Energy and ‘Gong’ which means concentrated work. So to loosely translate the
term, you could say that QiGong is essentially ‘Concentrated Energy Work’.

When you develop a QiGong practice you will be stimulating your immune system, and also promoting better balance
and stamina. Each of the movements targets a specific part of the body and aids in strengthening the body
as a whole.

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology works with the meridian systems as the reflexologist uses acupressure on various points of the
hand and foot. Continue to read a question and answer from Dr. Leia.

Question for Dr. Leia: I would like to add a new skill to my home business. I love
the healing arts and would love to learn how to do reflexology and combine foot massage with the foot pedicures
that I am already doing. I would appreciate learning more about reflexology from a medical professional such
as yourself, what is reflexology, really? I understand there are pressure points in reflexology that relate
to different parts of the body. Can you tell me more, and if a reflexologist really can help the body heal
and stay healthy? If so, do you think reflexology treatments and pedicures would go well together? Thanks,

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Dear Teddy, Reflexology is a practice of massaging, rubbing,
kneading, and placing gentle but firm pressure upon certain areas on the bottom of the foot. It is believed
by many that these different areas correspond to different organs of the body.

A good foot massage regularly helps to increase the circulation and blood supply to the legs and feet, thereby
helping to restore warmth, promote strength and energy to the lower extremities. Chinese medicine states
that aging of the body first begins with loss of circulation and strength in the feet and legs and knees.
The body ages from the bottom of the feet upward. Often times in old age, the legs and feet are the first
parts of the body’s support system to become weak and the person will become unsteady on his/her feet and
may even become unable to walk. A good strong foundation is extremely important to a human being as much
as it is to a building. Regular walking and exercise is important to maintain an active self-sufficient lifestyle
well into old age.

Reflexology should not be done on areas of skin which are broken or have open wounds, infections, irritation,
nor any other form of dermatitis, nor on sprains, swellings, edema, extremely tender areas, broken bones
or fractures.

Reflexology cannot take the place of a visit to a doctor or other health care professional, however, it can
assist in keeping the body healthy and strong by increasing the circulation to the feet and lower extremities.

Combining pedicures and foot reflexology would be an excellent idea. It also helps to relax the body and put
an added bounce in a person’s step. There are many excellent books upon the subject of reflexology and sometimes
courses taught by massage therapists or other teachers with years of expertise in this area. Good luck in
your endeavor.

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