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Looking to kick-off and/or rev-up your metabolism, and burn empty calories? Think aloud on the following work out tips and guidelines. They will not only improve your exercise benefits, but also help you burn fat – quickly.

By Rajgopal Nidamboor

Free-Weight & Cable Exercise

All of us seem to first think of fitness machines, because of the ease they provide for exercise. On the contrary, free-weight and cable movements are also a good choice, although they call for more skill and movement. They sure generate muscular balance, and greater metabolic “charge,” but you’d sure know that it is not quite easy to balance the weights, or co-ordinate your muscles, while performing free-weight exercises.

You also thought that this was a drawback. In reality, it is not. Because, when you balance and stabilize free-weights, or cables, you make more muscles work for you. Reason: you lend to your exercise a greater range of motion and develop more muscles. The result? You will burn more calories. You will also look more fit, shapely, and healthy!

Compound [Multi-Joint & Multi-Muscle] Exercise

Most of us have an eye on improving our body composition. Fair enough. Which brings us to the big question – whether there is any definite need for us to worry about specific exercises?

You need to aim only at exercises that you are comfortable with, and exercises that give you good, tangible results. You sure can do specific exercises to work on a particular drawback. However, it would be wise not to go overboard with them. The minimum the specific-exercise “dose,” the better!

Experts insist that compound exercises “take on” most muscle groups for any given body part. If you, for instance, seek lean muscle and hike the metabolism that comes with it, you need to choose exercises that allow for the maximum load on your body.

This is also reason enough why squats are superior to leg extensions visvis quadriceps muscle development – to illustrate one example. Likewise, you can perform your presses and dips for giving the maximum “push” to your triceps.

You would, of course, do well to remember that your lifts will allow you to make the best use of most weights. Lifts have a systemic effect on your body and help maintain and also increase your muscle mass. They not only “fire” your metabolism, but also provide attractive shape to your body which you had only dreamed of!

Important: You need to work intensely on your compound, multi-joint/multi-muscle exercises. About 75 per cent of your exercises for each session should ideally be focused on these exercises. You can sure perform a few isolation exercises, but remember that what’s going to do the trick for you are multi-joint exercises – not so much of isolation exercises focused on just one joint, or muscle.

Group, or Super-Set, Exercise

You may also perform non-competing muscle group training, or what is called as antagonist training. Non-competing muscle group training encompasses a set of lower body exercise, followed by an upper body exercise. Antagonist exercises, in other words, are composed of alternating exercises that aim at exercising opposing muscle groups. One example is chest and back.

A big advantage of these exercises is – they improve your strength levels and lead to short-duration work-outs. This is also one excellent way to burn fat. Besides, alternating exercise enables you to keep your heart rate high. Isn’t this an ideal combination – to get the best out of your 2-in-1 exercise plan, and with good results?

Repetition Exercise

Experts attest that you need to do 8-12 repetitions of each exercise for muscle gain. Repetition exercise forms the core of your resistance exercise program. It allows you to gain lean body mass and stimulate your metabolism. Remember – when you perform bodyweight exercises or light resistance training with repetitive movements, your muscles acquire a superior shape without growing or bulging. However, if you test yourself with moderately heavy weights, you will sure get a good muscle-toned appearance. This is not something that you should aim at, though – because, keeping fit and healthy can be done without rippling biceps, or muscles!

Importance of Taking Short Breaks

Experts advice rest periods between a set of exercises of just under a minute. This helps you to stay focused on the task. It also keeps your heart rate elevated. In addition, short breaks force your muscles to recover more quickly between sets. It also keeps your nervous system in good health.

To highlight one example. If your first movement in an upper/lower body super-set is squats, you might want to rest for just a minute before attempting your second movement. However, if your first exercise is a fairly “easy” exercise, such as pull downs, you would only wish to wait for 30 seconds before doing the second component of the super-set.

Cardio-Exercise: No Cure for Obesity

You always thought that cardiovascular exercise was good in the formation of a caloric-deficit index. Think again, because the caloric expenditure during a cardio-work-out is short-term. Get the point? It is only strength training that continuously increases the rate at which the body burns calories. This it does by adding muscle.

So, one great way of achieving this objective is by way of a two-pronged exercise program – one that embraces both strength and cardiovascular training, in addition to resistance training exercise.

Total Body Work-Out = Good Exercise in Totality

Don’t you take refuge in the rule of the thumb – that a muscle group can only be trained once or twice a week, not regularly everyday! Fitness buffs in the past knew what they were doing – they never ever took recourse to once/twice a week one-exercise idea. There is reason enough why you should also follow what they did best, and with good results. Because, the more frequent the exercise and calorie-burning sessions, it’s so much the better for you and your fat-to-fit exercise plan.

So, get going – or, plan your exercise better if you are already into it – in consultation with your trainer.

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