Tips on How to Write a Novel, Gain Readership and Overcome Writer’s Block

Tips on Writing, Gaining Readers, Getting Published and Overcoming
Writer’s Block

The end objective of every writer is to gain a readership, no matter if you are learning how to write a novel,
a short story, or a poem – people who love and appreciate your style and your subject matter.

In the end this is what it is all about. Good writing is a very nebulous term that in the end can only be
measured in terms of readers and response.

There have been numerous books throughout the history of publishing that were characterized as being written
poorly that still managed to reach the best seller list and connect with an audience. All of this should
be encouraging to those who have a passion to write despite criticism. If you keep writing you WILL find
an audience. It just takes time and perseverance.

How do you go about finding an readers for your writings? Luckily it is much easier now than it was in the
past due to the Internet. The traditional blog is most certainly an alternative publishing route. There have
been numerous writers who began daily blog journals, which eventually lead to a reputable publishing opportunity.
The key is to attract a readership and to “market” your content to some extent. You can also publish
short snippets of your work through article directories, which are an excellent way to receive exposure.
After that you are left to depend on response and word of mouth to drive new readers who will appreciate
your writing style.

Those who don’t have a personal blog are not without alternatives. There is always the self-publishing route,
which has spawned numerous successes and continues to do so on a regular basis. Many books started out self-published
before going on to become best sellers with a reputable publishing house. Even if a publisher doesn’t think
your writing has merit they will listen to readers who buy enough of your books to make them take notice.
Thus, by self-publishing you can prove that there is a place for your work and that there are readers who
will gladly pay money to read your short stories, novels, poems, or commentary. In the end that is all a
writer can ask for.

Wherever you are in your writing career it is wise to explore other avenues of gaining a readership. Blogs,
newsletters, bulletin boards, serial fiction and many others are all acceptable ways of getting your work
in front of the people who matter – the readers.

Go to any large bookstore and take a look at the numerous categories and sections. You will find a category
for almost any type of book. If you take the time and look through the individual books making up a section
you will probably find a large variety of styles and techniques. The point of this is to show the large variety
of readers out there. There are literally enough readers in the world that if you look hard enough and long
enough you will find readers for the genre or type of books you write.

So given the above there is no reason you can’t find an audience and get your work in front of that audience.
The alternative publishing methods are accessible to most anyone now and the Internet makes access to reading
audiences easier than anytime in the history of the written word. When we did a search on “free online
books to read” it showed many people seeking books, so get a sample of your work out there! This should
be encouraging news to those who love to write. If you write it, they will read it eventually in one format
or the other.

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