Treading Water: How To Stay Afloat Emotionally During Health Struggles

A Harvard Opinion Research Program study shows that 26 percent of adults currently live with some form of stress. Whether it’s about work, family issues, love, or business, these people say they are frustrated with the complications they are currently undergoing, with a majority confessing that they feel overwhelmed.

If you belong in this category, the first thing you need to understand is that life was not meant to be a straight road. There are bound to be bumps along the way. In fact, if you want to fully enjoy life, you must be already to embrace these challenges.

The good news is, dealing with daily stresses is not as difficult as you might imagine. The following are a few quick tips to help you tackle even the most difficult situations.

  1. Understand your emotions

You’ve probably heard the saying that goes; “what you resist persists.” Emotions are like that that. If you fight so hard to resist them, they will make you feel even worse about yourself. So, the first step is to understand that what you’re dealing with is an emotional problem and that it’s bound to go away at some point. Once you understand this, it becomes easier to accept the situation and wait for it to go away.

  1. Give it a little time, and more time if needed

Time is the biggest healer in the world we live in. The ticking clock alone has the potential to do away with almost any issue you might be going through. So, don’t hurry. If the business isn’t doing well, always remember that with time, things can change. The same applies to family issues. Maybe all you have to do is wait a little while.

  1. Try to remove the source of stress

The truth is that not all stresses can be removed so easily. But, some can. For instance, if your relationship is the main cause of all the turmoil you’re currently going through, then you have the ability to end it. It might be painful letting go of the things you once loved, but sometimes it’s the only way to move on to bigger things.

  1. Spend some time alone

When you’re stressed, when pain is present in your heart, the best thing you can do to your mind is to spend some time alone. Why? Because spending time alone will allow you to meditate. You’ll be able to acknowledge, love, and appreciate the parts of you that are beautiful. You’ll be able to fall in love with yourself again.

  1. Turn your wounds into wisdom

As Albert Einstein once said; from discord, you can find harmony, and in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. So, as you cry over the pains you’re currently going through, remember that they can be useful lessons in the future. Your current struggles can open your eyes to bigger things. Learn from them and use the pain to make yourself stronger.

Ultimately, however, you may need the support of others to get through the storm. From sharing with friends to seeing a professional therapist, talk to people about your issues and allow them to share their experiences and help you find a way out of the darkness. For cancer patients, for instance, it can help you join organizations such as SHARE Cancer support for emotional support.