Teeth whitening only to be done by dentists: EU forces UK to comply

A Directive by the European Union restricts the supply of tooth whitening products which contains or releases hydrogen peroxide in the ranges of 0.1 and six per cent – the restriction enforced will mean that only qualified dentists can now do tooth whitening. The British Dental Health Foundation’s members who are dentists will benefit directly from this, as during the British recession, some very competitive pricing has flooded the market and dentists made little profit. Britain / the UK is obliged to follow European Union directives as it’s own laws are practically irrelevant if not deemed compatible with that of the EU.

Whilst the cost of tooth whitening across Europe will now escalate, at least the safety of the procedures will improve significantly too. The masterminds of adverisment such as “Revive Salon and Teeth whitening Spa” and “Lastminute” or “Groupon” offering amazing deals on tooth whitening will now only be allowed to stay in business if they recruit a dentist.

According to Dr. Nigel Carter of the British Dental Health Foundation, when these services are provided by beauticians as opposed to dentists, it poses a danger to health such as permanent damage to teeth and gums, he states that those who worked in typical whitening kiosks have carried out whitening procedures without the necessary skills and knowledge – which he calls “illegal”. As from now on it certainly would be unlawful for them to contine.

There is generally three views on this: There are those with businesses who will lose their streams of revenue together with those who take a purely cosmetic view on the matter, feeling that they live in a nanny state, then there are those who feel that visiting a dentist would equate to “doing the right thing” – and off course those who learned that whitening, whether done by a dentist or someone else, remains harmful and weakens the teeth.