Exploring the mynextsmile dental campaign for whiter teeth

A smile is a facial expression that comes out when we are happy. A lot of people tend to show their teeth when they are smiling. But here is the problem. Showing off your teeth may turn out to be an embarrassing moment. Not all smiles are made equal. Some have bright, shiny, lovely smiles while others have smiles that are unpleasant to look at. To remediate the unpleasant smile problem you may choose to visit a dentist. There are many teeth whitening procedures available. The site mynextsmile is campaigning on a new teeth whitening technique that is much less painful and takes much less visits to the doctor to get it done.

A new way to whiten your teeth

The new teeth whitening technique I am talking about here is known as lumineers. To understand how it works you first need to know about veneers. Veneers are porcelain made materials that are used by dentist to cover the front surface of your teeth. This is done in a way similar to inserting aesthetic nails on a woman’s finger. The idea here is to give you a better smile. Porcelain veneers give you a pleasant smile by changing the color, shape, size and length of the teeth.

Porcelain veneers have been used for years successfully but they have their own flaws  when it comes to fixing them onto the teeth. The procedure itself may be painful. You may be required to get anesthetic shots and your teeth may have to be drilled or even reshaped to allow the veneer to properly fit in.

The lumineer advantage

With the lumineers, all these painful procedures are thing of the past. To fix a lumineer on your teeth, you require no shots nor drilling. It is a painless experience that can be done in just 2 visits to the dentist.

Lumineers are made of cerinate porcelaine which gives it an ultra-thin appearance without losing in quality. The fact that it is much thinner than traditional veneers, dentists find it much easier to fix it onto the teeth without having to reshape it. That explains why the experience is painless. Lumineers are proven to last over twenty years. You will usually get it fixed on your teeth with a 5 years warranty.

Procedure to get it fixed

Getting lumineers fixed on your teeth requires at least 2 visits. The first visit usually consist of a session through which the doctor will try and get as much information as to how exactly you want your new teeth to look like. You will be required to fill a small evaluation form. Then the dentist will take an accurate impression of your teeth, take pictures of them in different angles and send them to the Cerinate Smile Design Studios. That is the studio where they produce lumineers. With your permission, they are going to design lumineers specific to your teeth so that it can fit gently in. It is up to you to decide how many lumineers you want in relation to the number of teeth you want covered.

The second visit is the visit where you actually get the lumineers fixed into your teeth. It usually takes about an hour. That is all it takes to get lumineers

Lumineers can indeed transform your smile painlessly. They are the new safer way to get a bright lovely smile. You can contact the doctors at mynextsmile to find out more about it. Why don’t you visit the website mynextsmile.com to find out for yourself.