Nesting during Pregnancy – Baby is about to arrive

Simply put, nesting is the sudden and urgent desire to clean your home before your baby arrives. For a while now you have probably been feeling tired and heavy. When you nest, you are given a burst of energy as you clean, organize, and move things around in your home. Nesting is normal and natural. It is nature’s way of making sure you are ready to welcome your baby.

What I love about humanity is how unique we all are. I often marvel at our differences in viewpoints, beliefs, and behaviours. It was the same with my pregnancies. Each one was totally different. I nested with each of my babies in three unique ways.

In all honesty, I don’t really remember how I nested for my first baby, but I frantically washed baby clothes and organized the baby room. With my second child, I was mortified that my baby toys (hand-me-downs from my first child) could be so dirty. I remember throwing all the toys in the bath desperately trying to clean them. All the while thinking what a terrible mother I was to have dirty toys.

Washing baby's clothesHowever, my first experiencing nesting steals the show. I waited with great anticipation for the sudden urge to clean. I was curious what it would be like and how I would react. One morning, out of nowhere, I saw dust on almost every square inch of my house. I looked at my husband with tears in my eyes and asked him how he could live with a wife who didn’t clean his home. There I was on my hands and knees with an ice cream container filled with carpet shampoo bubbles, water, and a hand scrubbing brush. Yip, I scrubbed our lounge rug until it looked brand new. My husband was highly amused and thank goodness sensitive to my need to be left alone and ride my nesting urges. My third baby was born about a month later.

When will you nest?

Usually, women have a strong nesting instinct in the last month of their pregnancy, specifically around 38 or 39 weeks. It will vary on you and your pregnancy. No pregnancy is the same and no two women are the same.

How will you nest?

That will depend on you. Go with the flow. You may want to clean your house or move furniture around. You may organize rooms and cupboards. Whatever the urge, go along with it. There are no rules to nesting. It’s you preparing the house for your baby.

Somethings to remember

When you nest and how you nest doesn’t change the chances that you are more than likely going to nest. I say more than likely because not every women goes through this phase in their pregnancy. Assuming you will, here are a few things to remember:

  • Allow your partner or someone else to do heavy lifting, climb ladders, or move heavy objects. As frustrating as this might be, you are still pregnant and need to look after yourself and your baby. This is not the time to pull a muscle or go into early labour. Take care of your body so you have all the energy possible for your birth regardless of the birth option you have chosen.
  • Take frequent breaks. You can always go back to what you are doing. Listen to your body. If you are getting tired, rest. If you feel like a snack or something to drink, don’t forgo your needs. You will nest for as long as you need to. The urge to nest will only leave you once it is satisfied.
  • If your nesting urge demands that you do painting or use other chemicals, delegate the job to someone else. In the case of painting, find lead free paint. It is safer for you and the baby. Personally, I would recommend painting your baby’s nursery at the latest in the second trimester as you have more energy and comfort than towards the end of your pregnancy.

Good luck mamma! You are almost there. Before you know it, your baby will be in your arms.  What a joy!