Get Infrared Pain Relief and Learn Benefits of Infrared Sauna Use

Get Infrared Pain Relief with Massage Tools, Saunas, and Infrared
Therapy Clothing

Alternative healing techniques incorporating infrared pain relief methods have proved to be valuable in recent
years because they are not only effective, but are also free from the typical side effects that are normally
associated with conventional allopathic medication.

For effective pain relief, you can choose from a wide range of infrared therapy options that include infrared
massage tools, infrared clothing and infrared sauna equipment. Benefits of infrared sauna, massage tools,
clothing and other equipment may be more or less the same, but you should not forget that the associated
benefits can be realized only when you buy the right products and follow the specified guidelines. This is
necessary because infrared is beneficial only if it is administered in appropriate doses, any excesses can
cause body injury, whereas low doses prove ineffective.

Providing pain relief through infrared massage and sauna may be a relatively new concept, but it is fast to
gain popularity because it is quite easy to use and is far more affordable than other types of alternative
healing techniques. If you decide to try Far Infrared Clothing, you are required to wear the clothing like
normal clothing. These items can be cared for just like normal apparel that can be washed and dried at home.
In case of an Infrared Sauna, you are required to spend some time in an enclosure fitted with special lamps
producing Infrared Rays. All this only shows how easily you can promote healing through infrared rays.

You may have your doubts and it is human to suspect anything that is new, even if it is an innovative method
of relieving body pain and promoting good health. To clear doubts, you need to first understand how the technology
works and how it benefits your skin and various other internal organs.

The type of light emitted by a natural or manmade device is defined by its wavelength. Infrared rays are light
rays whose wavelengths fall between .76 to 1000 microns. Infrared rays are further classified into three
different categories namely:

  1. Near Infrared: .76 to 1.5 microns
  2. Middle Infrared: 1.5 to 5.6 microns
  3. Far Infrared Rays: FIR- 5.6 to 1000 microns.

Most of the infrared healing techniques make use of FIR rays because rays with such wavelengths only promote
healing and do not cause injuries such as sunburn that is associated with UV rays or radiation associated
with radioactive substances. Far Infrared Rays or FIR promotes effective healing because the rays are automatically
absorbed by the skin, which consequently leads to the removal of bodily toxins through sweat, feces and urine.

It has also been scientifically proven that FIR improves blood circulation in areas where it is administered
and ultimately boosts the immune system. This means that if you include FIR as part of your daily routine,
you will have fewer visits to your physician because your enhanced immunity will automatically prevent the
spread of infection and the onset of viral and bacterial diseases.

Small pains and aches can become chronic if left untreated for long. So do not waste time and look into these
unique infrared pain relief options, based on your specific needs.

More Information on Benefits of Infrared Heat

Question for Dr. Leia: Is is safe to use the ceragem bed daily? For how long will my body be in contact with infrared heat? A friend of mine says, my bones will become brittle because of the daily use of infrared? Is is true? Please help… Thank you.

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Not being familiar with the ceragem bed, I went directly to the company that sells several products, one being an automatic thermal ceragem massager and another being a ceragem digital massager bed. I am assuming that you are referring to these products.

Ceragem uses far infrared radiation or FIR for short. This type of heat does not have anything to do with radiation as we perceive it to be, but rather a type of harmless heat which is found in the visible part of the light spectrum near the red color rays. It has nothing to do with radioactivity and UV or ultraviolet radiation which can cause damage to the human body. Far infrared refers to the ability of an object to heat another object without causing an increase of heat in the ambient atmosphere or the air between the object and the infrared rays.

For instance, the human body can emit far infrared rays, thus, when you have a room packed with people, you will notice that you will become hot due to the increase in the number of people in the room. The heat released from the human body can be measured at a certain wavelength, and the ceragem beds utilizes this exact wavelength to match the human body’s frequency. The FIR rays will penetrate the body, causing a warming of the tissues and cells up to about one and one half inches deep. This heat is a gentle heat, and is controlled not to exceed the temperature of the human body, thus, purportedly, giving a gentle warming heat sensation to the body and injured areas of the body.

There is no known damage that can result from this gentle heating as far as I know, and I do not understand how bones can become brittle from the use of gentle heat on different parts of the body. It would have a similar effect upon the body as using a warm compress, or hot water bottle, or an electric heating element.

The company recommends 15 to 60 minutes of use daily. I would adhere to their recommendations and not use the ceragem longer than these times. However, there are precautions and counterindications to using far infrared heat. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy, swelling or edema of the tissues or very recent traumatic injuries with swelling, hemorrhage or bleeding disorders, high blood pressure, certain medications, during menstruation, silicone implants, metal or surgical implants, carcinoma or metastatic conditions, or if the condition worsens with use.

According to the company website, ceragem is recommended for relaxing and massaging muscles, improving blood circulation, and aligning the spine. It combines massage with FIR or far infrared radiation which has been and is currently being researched in Japan and China for the past 20 years with promising results and no harmful side effects.