Innocence: Message from Creativity Card Deck Readings

Innocence – A Message from The Creativity Cards

It is always fun to play with the Creativity Cards and see how the message relates to life on any given day.

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Today’s card is “Innocence” and this is what we can learn from this card.

Innocence – What Do You Want?

psychics cards readingsIt
is difficult to experience surprise, if you have all the answers. Spontaneity, impulse, enthusiasm, and creativity
springs forth from a well of innocence which assumes nothing and expresses for the sheer experience of expression.

Innocence is needed, for you bear so very great a burden of knowledge now. You comprehend exactly what you should
do ( what you must do), according to your own rigid scheduling, or the scheduling of others. Yet, there is another
opinion, deep beneath the controlled and predictable path – it is the voice of innocence, and beckons to you now.

Give up your attachment to form. Allow freshness and unexpected direction. You have been prisoner to your own plan,
and are now in the proverbial rut. Forget what you know. Ask what you feel. Forget what you expect. Ask what you
want. Forget what you see. Ask what you miss seeing. Look on your life and the absence of surprise, and ask how growth
is possible.

Innocence means an ability to approach any situation without expectation or preconception. Try going into your work
place as if you’ve never been there before. Greet each person in total innocence, not expecting them to be the same
person they were yesterday but as if you never knew them. Live in a state of innocence, and you can create a new
world every day. In order to allow innocence in your life, you must give up control. This may be the greatest message
of this card. As long as you only do something when you are reasonably sure you can predict the result, you stifle
any chance of breakthrough or peak experience in your life. Try something new. Be willing not to know.

Acting note: Always manage to have something surprise your character. The choices are endless – the doorbell, an
imaginary mosquito, an unexpected comment, a sudden and unexplained itch, etc. Your character can notice something
odd in a wall painting, or a stain on the sofa. Perhaps the chair is harder than it looks, causing a gluteus maximums
pain when the character sits down!

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