Spiritual Renewal Retreats Include Sedona Arizona Activities Offering Sacred Hikes

Sacred Renewal with Sedona Hikes, 130 Day Hikes & 5 Vortex

If you are thinking of a spiritual renewal retreat or a sacred or spiritual vacation you may love visiting
Sedona Arizona, offering a wide variety of spiritually stimulating activities.

Or maybe you just want to get away from it all and are seeking an adventure you that will destress, ground,
and balance you. Sedona is s known for its beautiful scenery and spiritual qualities that offer a renewal
of spirit and provides comfort for the soul.

Sedona, Arizona activities include some of the most magical hikes. and author Richard Magnum provides a wonderful
Sedona guide book which has been updated in the revised 9th edition.

Book: Sedona Hikes, 130 Day Hikes & 5 Vortex Sites around Sedona, Arizona, by Richard K. Magnum

If you don’t know about Sedona, perhaps you should. This Arizona landscape has been sacred for as long as
time itself. In “Sedona Hikes, 130 Day Hikes & 5 Vortex Sites around Sedona, Arizona, Revised 9th
Edition”, Richard Magnum has updated his invaluable guide to this unique corner of Arizona. Used as
a sacred site by the Hopi Indians, the red sandstone landscape offers the perfect setting for hikers.

Magnum wrote the original guide in 1992 and has been consistently updating it ever since. He is keen that
people should experience not only the landscape but also the magic of the Vortex sites. These are locations
where subtle energies exist. Neither electrical nor magnetic in quality they interact with your very being
and the indigenous juniper trees. You can sense there is something different, even magical, about these places.
You will surely want to include them in your activities when you visit the area.

The day hikes vary in popularity and difficulty. Magnum has designed the book to be user-friendly. Detailed
directions to the trail head are provided along with photographs, a description of the hike and a map. Although
the maps are not up to National Geographic standard, they are perfectly adequate to guide down these well-trodden
routes. I especially liked the easy-to-read elevation change graphs and the “how-crowded icon” because
I like the lonelier trails that provide a challenge.

This is a landscape you can’t tire of as you enjoy Sedona Arizona’s sacred activities. After one hike you’ll
want to complete another and then another. Each trail has its own character and Richard K. Magnum has captured
these perfectly between the covers of “Sedona Hikes, 130 Day Hikes & 5 Vortex Sites around Sedona,
Arizona, Revised 9th Edition.”

By Mike Kay

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