Review of Improved Turbo Jam Full Body Workout

Turbo Jam Gloves

Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam is designed to get maximum results in minimum time while making you feel like you’re partying with friends.

These exciting workout DVDs combine dance, kick boxing, and body sculpting moves.

The Turbo Jam exercise system is a fun fat blaster and I really enjoyed the workout I received. Like Chalene’s other fitness system, the very well known ChaLEAN Extreme, Turbo Jam really works.

A Supercharged Workout

Turbo Jam GlovesThis original Beachbody exercise system has been recently improved with the addition of Chalene’s new Turbo Sculpting Gloves. Designed to supercharge your Turbo Jam workouts, these workout gloves activate up to 96% more muscle activity than working out with Turbo Jam alone.

A university study measured the calorie burn of Turbo Jam participants. Some burned up to 700 calories during a 45 minute session. Others burned over 1,000 calories in an hour.

This study revealed something pretty amazing and proved that people can burn more calories with Turbo Jam than with other exercises including walking, strength training, aerobics, and running.

Turbo Training Secrets

The secret behind Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam workouts is Turbo Training. Turbo Training works your upper body, lower body, and abs all at the same time. This means superior results in less time.

Woman's Toned AbsTurbo Jam workouts include:

  • Learn & Burn, a 30 minute DVD in which Chalene demonstrates the signature “Elite 11” moves that blasts fat and inches.
  • Turbo Sculpt, a 40 minute workout that specifically shapes and tones lean muscles which revs up your metabolism. Turbo Sculpt also targets problem areas like belly, butt, and thighs.
  • 20 Minute Workout, Chalene’s fast-paced full body workout for a quick exercise fix.
  • Cardio Party, a 45 minute turbocharged dance DVD that blasts calories and fat.
  • Ab Jam, a 20 minute session, includes a standing ab workout that works your core from every angle for sexy six-pack abs.
  • Punch, Kick & Jam Advanced workout, specifically designed to maximize your results using the Turbo Sculpting Gloves.

Get Results with Turbo Jam

You’ll also receive “Elite 11” flash cards that teach the signature moves, 24/7 online support, access to live chats with Chalene, and Turbo Nation, an online community to help you succeed.

Also included is Turbo Results, a step-by-step guide with Chalene’s secrets to success. Inside you’ll find a weight-loss meal plan, recipes, daily workout calendar, and a dining-out guide.

What I really like about Turbo Jam is the guaranteed results. It also serves up fun-filled workouts you won’t get tired of anytime soon. If you are like me you’ll find you can lose body fat and get in great shape eating delicious foods that you love. I really like that Chalene Johnson designed Turbo Jam for real people like me and you.

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