Chalean Extreme Reviews – Chalene Johnson Creates Potent Exercise Workout DVD

Chalene Johnson made an impact on the fitness industry with inventive videos like Turbo Jam.

Her popular gym classes, like Turbo Kick, remain in demand at health clubs worldwide.

The appeal is a combination of enthusiasm, expertise, and a great body demonstrating what her fitness programs can achieve.

Chalene Johnson’s newest offering, ChaLEAN Extreme, isn’t an aerobics system like Turbo Jam. Chalene designed ChaLEAN Extreme on the premise “muscle burns fat.” Resistance training to build muscle means you’ll burn more fat.

Chalean Extreme Reviews … Get Extreme, Baby!

I was lucky to receive an introductory ChaLEAN Extreme DVD and I’m chomping at the bit to get a hold of the whole system. Why? As Chalene says, “It’s time to get extreme, baby!”

Set in a modern art deco gym with a surreal city skyline, these videos are visually appealing. The real draw is the workouts. Chalene asks, “What are you made of?” Then she proceeds to push you to find out exactly that.

Turbo Jam Creator Chalene Johnson Creates New ChaLEAN Extreme Exercise Video

The first preview is Lean Circuit 2. Stressing precision and form, this exercise routine combines isometrics, compound exercises hitting multiple muscles, and the same exercises broken down into isolation moves.

Innovative exercises like Sumo burpees, Sumo squats, plyo reverse lunges, runners lunges combined with back rows, and standing ab crunches are all designed to achieve maximum results in minimal time.

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Jive Atmosphere

In Burn Intervals, muscle endurance combines with aerobics for superior fat burning. The beautiful set for this video includes big screen televisions broadcasting fit physiques.

Male and female fitness models don’t just demonstrate exercises, they jive talk. An atmosphere of camaraderie in these exercise videos compels you to workout.

Bottom line, the key to achieving your fitness goals are effective workouts that keep you coming back for more. ChaLEAN Extreme will do just that.

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