An Affordable Weight Loss Book That Teaches the Basics

Smiling Couple Exercising

Think of exercise as a way to greater fitness and improved health. Think of it as an optimal habit that you tend to and grow with.

Focus on the practical issues—not rippling muscles! Begin by simply setting some achievable goals. This will help clear your mind and provide some internal encouragement. You can also begin by visualizing your ideal weight and challenge yourself to reach your goals with enthusiasm. Sometimes you can begin by looking at a past picture of yourself where you were happy; this will remind yourself that your goal is achievable.

After you connect with a good image of yourself, look in the mirror to remind yourself that this is just a moment in time and that each day is there to help you step that much closer to your goal.

Tips to Weight Loss Include Balance

Smiling Couple ExercisingThink of an exercise-diet plan as the foundation for good health and optimal wellness. One great way of bringing about balance is to explore what your eating habits are, as well as taking note of your daily movement. This tells a lot about who you are and how your actions are an answer to your inner self.

If you choose to pay full attention to how you move and how you eat, you will have the time to focus on how you move spontaneously. You will immerse yourself fully in the experience, and connect to yourself and different parts of the body.

Likewise, you need to connect with your diet. You should think of eating as a window of opportunity for constant experimentation. Think of it as fun—a means to understand yourself. Work on fine-tuning it to keep your body functioning well.

When you bring about this balance in life, the results will be good—and significant—for you and your entire family.

How to Get Motivated

Don’t expect to turn around your entire image overnight. Motivate yourself so you will achieve what you want. Don’t mind what others say: fuel your own image with your own positive and encouraging words.

It all begins with small steps. Keep a journal handy to track your progress. Write down your mission (what you want to do everyday). If you lose your way, that is okay. Simply turn toward your goal again, and reinforce your resolution into results by “doing” an action that supports your desired image. It can something as simple as parking your car a little further from your destination so that you walk an extra five minutes. Simple actions like this build up each day.

Updated and Revised Best Life Diet BookExpend some calories everyday through exercise and moderate physical exertion. If you start to take a second helping of the foods you like, stop and wait five minutes until your fullness registers. Remember that moderation will help you reach your goals best.

Most importantly, don’t go on a starvation diet and indulge in a physical exercise plan at the same time. This will cause you more harm than good. You also want to invest a few dollars in an informative weight loss book, such as Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet (Simon & Schuster), a tried and true valued resource.

The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene

Oprah Winfrey has lost and gained weight over and over again. She is an example of someone who has had her challenges with balance. She has broadcasted her track record in weight loss over the years ,and it’s been patchy, to say the least. However, you can’t deny her amazing transformations each time.

Bob Greene and his book The Best Diet brought her much success. Greene himself is no slouch. His track record as a fitness and nutrition mentor is impressive. He has written a string of best sellers, including Make the Connection, Get with the Program and Total Body Makeover.

Measuring the WaistAlthough Oprah is working with new models for weight loss. Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet is a nuts and bolts book. In three very readable sections, the book leads you through great tools to give your body what it needs. This is not just a diet book: it deals with the psychology of weight gain and weight loss, as well as provides solutions.

Greene knows that lasting results require a major shift in habits and self-respect. Meeting your daily energy and nutritional requirements is are achievable with the guidence Greene provides. You will learn about food buying and recipes a-plenty with their nutritional breakdown. His aim is to get you to make a phase-shift in the way you live and eat.

The Key to Practical Weight Loss

With over twenty years of experience to date, Greene learned that this approach will give you long-lasting results as you retrain your habits. Just because The Best Life Diet is no longer on the high profile radar doesn’t mean we need to reinvent the wheel. You want to be sure and purchase the 2008 revised and updated version.

Greene's Bestselling Book the Life You WantThe Best Life Diet is an affordable book to get you moving in the right direction. Paperback copies of this five star reviewed book are available at Amazon for as low as $6.00.

You may also want to check out Greene’s book that was shared on Oprah in 2010: The Life You Want: Get Motivated, Lose Weight, and Be Happy (Simon & Schuster). This book holds many of the most practical and achievable keys to getting motivated and staying in the zone.

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