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With so much attention to technological trends we thought it would be useful familiarize ourselves instead with some of the latest trends in weight loss which will help our readers not only to update their knowledgebase in this area but also hopefully enable more people to lose some pounds in a healthy and safe way.

The supplements trend as a means of losing weight:
There is indeed a new buzz word when it get’s to the world of weight loss and that is “shakes and supplements” – whereas previously mainly associated with certain fitness regimes and weight training, it is now more trendy and not necessarily harmful at all for weight watchers to learn from their friends in the body building world and consume similar foods for similar results, albeit the lean look rather than the mean look they are aiming to achieve. Essentially these foods contain low levels of sugar and fat but healthy levels of other nutrition including vitamins. The advantage also to those with a busy lifestyle: If they pursue a high protein diet with a healthy balance of carbohydrates, it eliminates the need to spend much time cooking and preparing egg or meat recipes – as they now would settle for a shake, smoothie or protein bar on the go.

The role of apps:
When we say aps – yes, applications. There are several technological trends linking with weight loss. It is possible to download an app on your smartphone device which is as good as having a weight loss coach by your side anytime of the day or night. Three examples of such smartphone apps are “lose it” or “fooducate” and “eat this not that” which is a game.
Naturally when we discuss unsafe ways of weight loss, it is important to remember that losing pounds should not come at a price – if that price is being unhealthy hence we would remind our readers that technology without expertise may impose certain limitations or risk.

Dual purpose training regimes:
There are excellent fusions of training regimes that can help losing weight quicker whilst enjoying the activity. We hear of so many readers who just cannot bear the boredom of 20 minutes of cycling in a fitness centre without really moving an inch. To boost weight loss and enjoyment at the same time here are some fantastic dual purpose training programs:
Zumba fitness: Besides burning a whole lot of calories the participants also listen to music, latin vibes to be precise, and learn a new style of dancing.
Yogalates: Combining the best elements of yoga with pilates means that strength training together with cardiovascular exercise takes place – this is a very popular method indeed.
Yogaboxing: This really represents itself in several forms, there are teachers who combine yoga stretching and breathing techniques with box exercise to boos cardiovascular activity and also those, as far afield as Brazil, who blend yoga with other forms of martial arts training. Dual purpose training regimes are hugely beneficial for the purposes of weight loss, given that participants are more focussed on the actual activity rather than losing some pounds, it happens quicker that they lose weight.

A cultural shift in family values:
There are too many examples of those who opted for weight loss at a later stage in life and whilst they are indeed successful – many revert to their old habits before long and for that matter their old shape and style, as the saying goes, “motivation gets you going, habit keeps you going” Families are therefore more conscious today that it is in the best interest of a child to learn from a younger age how to live healthy through a balance of dietary means and physical activity. There are now so much activities that are organized, for example children as early as 6 are participating in yoga at a school in Glasgow UK. Watching Dad drinking Craft beer and Mom stocking up on local seasonal superfoods should set a healthy trend.

Corporate weight loss support:
Organizations who really care for their workforce have started to sponsor free gym membership for employees, in recognition that not only could efficiency improve but also staff retention and overall satisfaction rates would be yielding great results. If health insurance corporations are prepared to significantly discount members fees or provide free fitness memberships – corporations certainly could benefit by doing the same for their employees.

Balancing weight loss with our overall wellness:
If it was healthy to consume slimmers tablets that contain stimulants, everyone on the planet would have been the perfect weight with little effort, however there are many weight loss techniques which causes other problems which are least desired hence it is important to research the ideal method for losing pounds and opt for a solution which will result in lower blood pressure and fats in the body whilst maintaining good levels of relaxation through exercise and supplements containing antioxidants. Essentially we are not advising our readers to simply opt for certain tablets neither to just join the Atkins diet which has disadvantages of it’s own – but to take a holistic view on the issue of losing some pounds.

Now that we have illustrated the importance of combining overall wellness with any weight loss strategy, it goes without saying that there are solutions out there which are solely obsessed with the issue of weight loss without taking into consideration overall health factors. We would warn our readers against such methods and will highlight but a few such examples:

Notice: At this stage we would make it clear that Healthynewage is certainly not sponsored by western drug manufacturers of weight watchers and it is against our policy to simply dismiss solutions from countries such as Japan and Brazil where the overall population live much healthier and have better physiques than what is the norm out in the west, thus our commentary should be viewed in context.

1.    The Diet pill from Brazil:

The FDA issued warnings several years ago that mood swings can be associated with these drugs as they contain stimulants. Very much as per the example of recreational drugs in the pop and dance scene, these weight loss drugs are no different and causes bi-polar behaviour, especially amongst long term users. Again: There are products such as acai and other nutrients from Brazil that are amazing, so check that the contents of any Brazilian diet solutions does not contain stimulants without simply dismissing any solutions from Brazil outright.

2.    The Diet pill from Japan:
A weight loss pill from Japan known as the rapid weight loss solution which according to the FDA contains chemical phenolphthalein and also sibutramine may increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The drug is known as Meridia and has been withdrawn from the market since. This reminds us very much of a similar example by the name of Thinz.

3.    Clenbuterol the horse steroid:
Yes that’s right, a horse steroid. As the “more muscle less fat” image is a trendy one to pursue, people have become as desperate as taking horse steroids for the purposes of losing some pounds. The steroid is not approved for human consumption. As with many steroids, Clenbuterol is most dangerous for damaging the heart muscle. Despite it’s high availability it is not lawful to use or sell for human consumption. This trend was started by athletes.
4.    The Atkins diet:
There are extreme versions of the Atkins diet which cuts out carbohydrates completely and followers of such a dietary regime eat only protein. Whilst this form of diet has yielded great results, it is not healthy at all as there are various other nutrients from food that contains carbohydrates, secondly, the body needs carbohydrates thus when denying it of such an important ingredient, losing 10 pounds may come at a price: being tired with no energy and potentially having an imbalance and shortage of nutrients in the body.

In conclusion, in the world of weight loss there are many roads to Rome, however the safest road to losing some pounds is one that includes sufficient nutrients, cardiovascular exercise and a healthy mind balance to balance that lovely new shape.

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