Romney vs Obama – who is “fit for office” ?

Healthynewage thought it would be a great idea to look into the fitness regime of the presidential candidates. If the saying is true that a healthy body is home to a healthy mind, there could be ample justification to take health matters into consideration, besides – holding office may just turn out to be a stressful job in the next presidential term.

Mitt Romney’s Fitness regime:


During an interview with CBS the 65 year old candidate was asked whether he keeps in shape, as if it may not have been obvious. It was thought that Romney may have used the P90X program by Tony Horton, however he stated that he is more a man for cardiovascular exercise and puts in

a healthy 40 minutes on either the treadmill or cycle each day, assuming Mr. Romney has his own cardio suite at home.  Having recovered remarkably well from an almost fatal car accident many years ago, he seems to take both his fitness and nutrition seriously.  Randal Gaz, his Doctor also released a letter praising his fitness levels for meeting the demands should he take office.

Obama’s Fitness regime:

At the age of 51 he is at least a contender to Romney in the fitness zone: He has regular gym workouts, even when he is away on holiday. Thenation will recall that following the gulf oil spill it was Mr. Obama who had his shirt off, were on the beach and invited people back to the beaches, declaring it clean and safe again. There is off course rumours about Michelle Obama’s 11 secrets pertaining to diet – and one would wonder if Mr. Obama himself has a portion of that?

Now it seems that these presidential hopefuls surround themselves with like minded associates, if we look at both their running mates:

Paul Ryan:

At the age of 42, he does a lot more than simplythe PX90 from Tony Horton: Healso measures his cardiovascular rate during exercise andseems to have precision in mind when it get’s to his fitness regime.  He has also done mountain climbing. With body fat levels in the region of 7% is sindeed flashy for someone his age. He even participated in a workout photo shoot with a famous newspaper.

 Joe Biden:

Mr. Biden, at the age of 70 may not measure up to Paul Ryan, however he does regular weight training and it is said that both him and Romney, in terms of their respective ages, are as fit as a man can be at the ages of 70 and 65. It was also no co-incidence that when Biden met with Vladimir Putin, that they were both touted as playboys and sugardaddies, given they are both fit for their age. Mens health had a well known article “ 5 reasons ladies like Joe Biden”.


On the issue of Nutrition we would inform our readers who are strict yoga practitioners that we could not confirm whether any of the presidential hopefuls are vegetarian. Neither did we yet have a glimpse at typical white house nutrition arrangements.