The Fulfillment Gridpath, An Excerpt from Moon Lodge Visions Acceleration Handbook

The Fulfillment Gridpath – A Path to Personal Realization

Manifesting Divinity in human form requires an extraordinary clearness of the physical vehicle.

It has not been
collectively achieved up to this point because of spiritual, mental and emotional blocks which have been stored
in the body and because of upper chakra centers which, rather than steadily opening, have closed down to some degree
or another.

There have been a few who have modeled the way it is done; yet, until all can achieve, it was agreed that there
would be a time of waiting. Patiently, and impatiently, we have waited, worked, and prayed. Now, it is the time of
unfoldment. The coming years have been Divinely agreed upon, as a period of planetary acceleration beyond any achieved
by any beings anywhere. In order to stabilize the incoming Divine Feminine energies needed for this reality birth,
spiritual gridpaths are being created. There are four groups of light workers who agreed to construct and maintain
these gridpaths, and to continuously send forth vibrational support through them. The circles of support are listed

Please note: Circle location does not reflect, in any way, the level of any one’s awareness. No matter how enlightened
one may be (even the Dalai Lama and Mother Meera are in one of the circles), the energies coming in now require integration
because they are of unprecedented vibrational strength and intensity. No matter how many lifetimes one may have lived,
one has not encountered this level of acceleration before. No one circle is more important than another.

It is simply time for those who agreed to facilitate the Co-Creation of Divine Humanity on Earth to take their
positions within the Gridpath formation process. Christ told us about the foolishness of one part of the body deciding
it doesn’t need the other parts, such as the head deciding the foot is unnecessary or inferior. No comparisons or
exclusion, all are needed. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have previously been through these phases (most on the
Spirit Path have completed the cycle several times). It’s a whole new level of clearing.

Each Gridpath Circle has a specific focus within the Fulfillment Grid. Circle One, the circle I belong to, has a
specific focus on “Heart” healing, balance, and expansion (The birth of the White Buffalo Calf, and subsequent
influx of Divine Feminine energies, created the Pressure-Cooker feeling most Circle. One Gridpath workers began to
feel in 1995) and each Circle will go through all four phases, though those with continued resistance may begin later
than the linear time guideline. For example, not everyone in Circle One was at a point of surrender which enabled
them to meet the 1996 schedule for Phase One.

Those who had unresolved “Heart” issues may have resisted Phase I energies well into1997, or even early
1998. These linear time “Late Starts” within each circle will still complete the cycle by the year 2000
or so, but now their task is harder as it is compressed into less time. The resistors within each circle will be
those most needing help from those who started, more or less, On-Schedule and who are naturally further along in
the process. Those who are linear time “Late-Starts” within each circle, will function as “Bridgers,” which
are gridpath workers who mediate between two different circles of influence.

The children of Circle One will form a “Collective Messiah” of wise leaders, working in quite amazing
ways on our behalf. In particular, the children born in 1996 are of vital significance to the overall formation of
the Fulfillment Grid. Below is an outline of how the Gridpath Circles are scheduled to be created, again remembering
that linear time is only an guideline. For example, those among us who are least resistant to the energies of acceleration
may go through all four phases of their circle formation cycle in one to two years time, and spend the remaining
time assisting “Late Start,” or more resistant Relatives. Also, the speed of each subsequent circle formation
depends greatly on the support energy created by the preceding circle. For example, if Circle One becomes and remains
strong enough, we can facilitate an even quicker formation cycle for Circle Two, and so on.

Circle One Circle Two Circle Three Circle Four Phase 1-1996Phase 1-2000 Phase 1-2004 Phase 1-2008 Phase 2-1997 Phase
2-2001 Phase 2-2005 Phase 2-2009 Phase 3-1998 Phase 3-2002 Phase 3-2006 Phase 3-2010 Phase 4-1999 Phase 4-2003 Phase
4-2007 Phase 4-2011

Circle One: 1996-1999 Many who work in inner child counseling are a part of the first circle, as are those who counsel
beings in grief, those who have been abused, and those who suffer from emotional imbalances due to unresolved love
relationships. In addition, those healers drawn to work with those manifesting illness in the heart area (heart problems,
high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, heart damage, etc.) are most likely Circle One Gridpath workers. It is
the task of Circle One workers to do the Nitty-Gritty emotional clearing that most people dread, fear or just plain
don’t care to do.

While it is great to have a healing session where all is bliss, light, and expanded awareness, the reality is that
emotional blockages and resistance in the physical body require emotional and or physical release. It is the challenging
task of Circle One healers to dig down and clear out the dirt. It will also be the difficult task of Circle One healers
to keep “Heartpaths” clear in the other three circles. For example, those in Circle Two will have such
a focus on the will, that the heart may begin to close again, Circle Three Gridworkers may begin to sacrifice the
heart for the mind and those in Circle Four may sometimes be so at war within the circle that the skillful intervention
of a Circle One Gridpath worker may be necessary.

Circle Two: 2000-2003 The strong emphasis of Circle Two workers is communication. Many, many singers will be in
this Circle, as well as public speakers of all kinds. Circle Two is probably the most visible of all the circles
and will be depended on to transmit data to the public in a timely manner for Circles One and Three. Since Circle
Three will be the least visible of the four, and simultaneously the most intuitive, there will need to be a vehicle
for release of information. Much as the news reporter, Circle Two Gridpath workers will announce what needs to be

In addition, the more challenging work of Circle Two includes encouraging the Circle One workers to keep a balance
between giving and receiving. With so much emphasis on the heart gridpath, Circle One workers may have a tendency
to Over-Extend and it will sometimes take the straightforward and direct communication of a Circle Two worker to
remind them to keep themselves open to receiving as well. It may also be the extremely delicate task of the Circle
Two worker to remind a Circle One worker that they have begun to close their own heart energies and will be of little
help to others if the situation remains that way.

Circle Three: 2004-2007 You probably won’t hear much about or directly from this circle, unless you are part of
it. The work of Circle Three concerns placing a Gridpath of intuitive energy that will be vital to the “Hooking
of the previous two circles in a way that allows the final, fourth circle to be created. Circle Three workers are
often solitary, or working in small, isolated groups. Circle Three workers will be of great assistance to their Circle
Two predecessors, by reminding them to combine intuition with will and avoid speaking out before inner guidance is

Their more challenging work will be to intuit the members of Circle Four, and offer psychic assistance to those
who have the fastest climb ahead of them. They will recognize the diamond in the rough and carefully, consistently
send energies of clearing, healing, and balance. It will be Circle Three that the Collective Messiah most closely
associates with, sending an almost continuous stream of information. It will be most advantageous for Circle Three
Gridpath workers to meet and connect with as many 1996 babies as possible.

Circle Four: 2008-2011 This is the circle most difficult to describe, because so much depends on the integration
and balance of the other three circles. The Circle Four Gridpath contains the best of us and the worst of us, the
toughest and the weakest, the lightest and the darkest, the highest and the lowest. Represented within the fourth
circle is a culmination of humanity involving all levels of awareness which includes those who have been on a conscious
Spirit Path for many, many lifetimes and yet, also includes those who have only awakened as Gridpath workers in this
four year span.

The diversity is necessary so that all experience is present. Nothing will be left out of the final creation, and
no one. Circle Four workers will have many challenges among themselves, because of their great diversity, and will
present many challenges to the rest of us, as well. They are the fire that burns away the dross. Blasting into any
remaining paradigms that are not strong enough to support the Gridpath energies, Circle Four workers will cause the
illusion of destruction in their wake but the result will be only the death of what no longer serves humanity as
a Divine group. Because they have completed the expanded openings last, and had the most intense ride of all of us,
they will have little patience with resistance and may need to be reminded by the Ever-Persistent first circle, to
employ a little gentleness as they rip our false perceptions to threads.

Phase Five (2012): The four circles activate The Fulfillment Grid, a catalyst to lift humanity to a state of Divine
Humanity. This is my Vision, my dream; my work; my reality. Mitakuye Oyasin and Amen.

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