Products with Stevia Safe Sugar Alternative for Those With Diabetes

Diabetes and Stevia: Sweet Leaf Offers a Safe Sugar Alternative

For those who are diabetic and concerned about their blood sugar, Diabetes and Stevia are a match made in

This is because there are no dangers of Stevia effecting glucose levels, nor are there any product warnings
such as those that come with synthetic and chemical sweeteners.

Stevia is an herb, just like basil or oregano. Except this herb grows sweet leaves and when harvested they
make an excellent sweetener. Although it doesn’t have the same complex chemistry when baking as sugar, it
still can be used in so many recipes and the taste is heavenly. We have heard sugar lovers complain that
Stevia is too sweet for them–now how can that be? A guess could be resistance to giving up an addiction
and possibly fear of change.

More natural food companies are changing their habits. They are adding this delicious herb to their products
and forgoing questionable sweeteners like sucralose. We are finding companies who really care about the sugar
calories in their products. They are switching to stevia because it is healthy, has no calories, and actually
improves digestion and is even good for the teeth.

For example, Life Extensions–the company who spends much of their profits on anti aging research–has a State of the Art MultiNutrient Formulas weetened
with Stevia. And other companies are waking up and including this natural sweetener in items like protein
powders, health bars, and drink mixes.

How many of us have been told that yogurt is a health food? When shopping we choose a flavored brand with
fruit in the bottom thinking we are eating something healthy. Take a moment and read the label! How many
grams of sugar do you find?

The truth is beginning to spread. Flavored yogurts, especially those that do not contain live cultures are
certainly not a health food. Just a cleverly marketed and packaged dessert food. However, we have a solution!
Buy a plain yogurt with live cultures and add some fresh fruit, maybe a little granola, and some Sweet Leaf
Stevia Sweetner. Yum! Sweet Leaf is so smart, they offer bottles of liquid Stevia Sweeteners that come in
a variety of flavors, such as: English Toffee, Vanilla, Orange, Chocolate Raspberry to name just a few. They
are an excellent choice for sweetening Lattes, too! Two, three drops is all you need.

Here is another excellent recipe tip in case you are fearful of letting go of your diet soda, or regular cola
drink–fear no more. You can easily make your own soda drinks with unflavored mineral water (forgoing the
corn syrup) by adding one of the Sweet Leave Stevia Sweetners. A favorite of ours is to take a little Vanilla
Creme and Orange flavored Stevia and create your own OrangeCreme sodas!

Once you try recipes and products with Stevia you are going to be transformed and your health will be so much
better for it. Diabetes and Stevia use means you don’t have to live without sweet treats. Just a little imagination
and there are so many wonderful desserts you can create on your own. There are also recipe books available
filled with ideas, and since there are no dangers of Stevia effecting your health like sugar does you won’t
have the health risks associated with sugar use, no the guilt or negative calories.

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