Bedroom Makeover Tips This Memorial Day – The Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. On average, this is the room that you will spend most of your time. It’s the room where you relax and recharge so you can be ready for the day ahead, to spring into action to take on anything that life may throw at you.

When was the last time you gave your bedroom a bit of a spruce? Is your mattress giving you the best night’s sleep possible? If there’s any doubt in your mind about this then it might just be the right time to consider a makeover. Luckily for you Memorial Day is fast approaching, bringing with it an abundance of great deals on mattresses from various brands in a multitude of styles and types.  

You’ll be surrounded by deals online, in department stores and in local shops. So be sure to do a bit of research beforehand on what your ideal, perfect new mattress would be. Whether the ever-popular memory foam mattress is your thing, or if you’re looking for something a bit different like latex or innerspring mattress’, there will be a bargain just waiting for you to find it.

There are three different types of deals to be found in the Memorial Day mattress sales; discounts, rebates and bundles:


The most favourable of all deals. A lot of places will be offering instant, mega discounts off mattresses. For example, $200 or more off the retail price.


Some places choose to offer rebates instead of an instant discount off their mattresses. This means that you can claim a certain amount back after initially paying the full price. To do this, a lot of the time you have to send in your receipt or make a claim with the manufacturer of the mattress in question, in return you’ll get a sum of your money back or a gift card instead. Rebates tend to be a lot more common with the more expensive brands.


These can be particularly handy if it’s an adjustable bed that you’re after, where you’ll be able to buy the adjustable base and mattress together at a discounted price. Additionally, common if you’re looking at buying a bed with a foundation or you may even see bundles offering pillows and bedding with your purchase of a mattress.

Each type of deal comes with its own set of pros and cons, it all really depends on what you’re looking for. If it’s a more expensive brand you’re after, a rebate could be the right option for you, but if you’re in need of a full bedroom makeover and want more than just a new mattress, there will surely be some great bundles out there just waiting for you.

Be sure to make a list of pros and cons and also to take into account other costs such as the disposal of your old mattress. For more information and to find the absolute best deals, you can keep up to date with everything on offer with the memorial day mattress sale from