How Chatbots will revolutionize personal fitness

Some people found exercising to be boring – well that is about to change, thanks to Chatbots.

Even those who eventually go to a gym do so with the greatest reluctance. Many people will apply for membership at a gym. They seem to think that the act of having to pay that monthly fee will be enough to keep them motivated. This approach seldom works. Then there are those who will invest in a personal trainer, someone who can motivate them as they progress. Most people will agree that a personal trainer is an excellent investment especially for those who have not trained for a long time. The problem is personal trainers can cost a substantial amount of money. This can be a problem when you are on a limited budget. And this is why many people have become interested in virtual fitness chatbots. The primary motivation was to save on the gym expenses or the fee for the personal trainer. Many people are initially very skeptical about the probability that a fitness chatbot will be able to get them to exercise regularly. There are many people who struggle to get out of bed in order to go to work. Therefore, how will a fitness chatbot help them to get into a steady exercising routine when they can barely get out of bed in the morning.

The Facebook messenger chatbot

Many users were skeptical when the chatbot idea was first mentioned in relation to the Facebook messenger application. This would allow people to send messages to a company and then receive an immediate response from a chatbot. The answer was provided by a software program, not by a human being. Many people had serious doubts about how such an experience could be positive or useful. It was a pioneering effort by the founder of Facebook. His opinion was that you should be able to message a business just like you would message a friend. Most people will agree that chatbots are still a relatively new technology. But it is also certain that they provide individuals and businesses with many opportunities. It is already clear that chatbots are going to increasingly change the way in which people are living their lives. This will also apply to the way in which people exercise. What it comes down to is that a chatbot can provide you with undivided attention day and night. It can provide you with interesting personal fitness tips. It is also possible to receive detailed workout routines simply by pressing a few buttons. And you will be very surprised at how effective that chatbot can be.

Daily fitbot

This is a chatbot which will provide people with basic tips about their personal fitness. People will receive a notification every day encouraging them to come to their local gym. Thereafter the user has the option to press the workout button. This will provide them instantly with a 20-minute training program that will certainly get their heart rate going. The user will have the option to request a training program which is more difficult. Everything will depend on the personal needs of the user. Even though this system might not be a professional approach to training following the guidelines which is provided by this fitness chatbot will definitely ensure that the user gets sufficient exercise every day. Most people who have been using Daily Fitbot feel that the system is adequate for those weekdays when you may not feel like going to the gym for an extensive workout.


For those people who follow a rigorous exercise program every day of their lives Fitly will certainly be able to help them to maintain their exercising program. This is a messenger and app service that is providing users with targeted and specific options. There are also different levels for those parts of the body on which the user wants to focus. There are many people who are interested in well-developed abs and they can definitely benefit from Fitly. The same thing will be true for those people who are focusing on their stomachs. Especially with the summer approaching, there are many people who want to prepare themselves for all that time outdoors. Fitly will provide those people with a 3-day plan. People who have followed that program complained of muscle soreness afterward which is proof that the program works. Fitly also makes it possible for people to share their exercising program and the results with friends on Facebook messenger. This can quickly develop into a virtual group training session. Most people were of the opinion that Fitly was an excellent application to use by all people who are serious about bodily exercise.


Many people have different experiences as far as training and exercising is concerned. Many people have been involved with personal trainers that have tried a variety of strategies in order to motivate them to exercise regularly. The fitness chatbot Peter is an excellent virtual trainer which is also an accomplished motivator. When people are starting with this program they have the option to choose how they want to be inspired. They can choose whether the personal trainer has to be very strict or more lenient. For many people the approach which was used by the fitness chatbot Peter was very humorous. Especially when the chatbot started to yell at them to get their act together. This has actually helped them to find the energy to do that extra repetition. The fitness chatbot Peter also have what is known as Sergeant Mode and apparently, one of the things which the fitness chatbot Peter would say is that I will break through that screen and kick your ass if you don’t move. Even though everyone knows logically that this is only a software program the reality is hearing that voice scolding you is very often the only thing which people need to focus and keep going. The reality, therefore, is that fitness chatbots like Peter, Daily Fitbot and Fitly can really help a person to not only get into an exercise routine but also to persist until they have reached their objective.

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