4 Things Dentists Can Do That You Didn’t Know About

The dentistry field is consistently evolving. For you as a patient, this means that the latest technologies could allow patients to experience a more comfortable and painless dental visit. The advancements also open the door to other treatment methods that you wouldn’t have thought your dentist could perform. The following are 4 things dentists can do that you didn’t know about.

Dental Implants

Going to the dentist can cause some patients to become anxious before they’ve even set foot in the dental office. But with today’s advancements, there are a number of methods used to manage your stress. If you’re embarrassed by missing teeth, there are other more advanced options than a bridge or dentures. Dental implants function, look and feel like a natural tooth. Because they are stable and secure, patients can enjoy most of their favorite foods without ever having to worry. Once you’ve met some common requirements, the process includes inserting and attaching the device to the facial bone structure. Once healed, a crown is specially made to fit the titanium implant and secured. Because the dentist specifically matches the color and shape of the tooth, you’ll notice the implant blending well with your other teeth in your mouth. Once thought to be performed solely by an oral surgeon, dentists are now undergoing extensive training to perform this type of restoration in the comfort of their own dental office.

Sleep Apnea Detection

The latest statistics show over 20 million individuals in the U.S. suffer from sleep apnea. The majority of patients don’t even know they suffer from the malady. Your dentist is instrumental in helping to find tooth decay and gum disease. They could also find more serious health complications such as sleep apnea. Dental imaging detects sleep apnea by viewing a patient’s airway. The Orthophos SL dental imaging system is similar to that of a CAT scan. It has the mechanics to be able to detect everything from dental complications to ensuring that you don’t suffer from sleep apnea. If you do suffer, your dentist can provide you with a referral to help determine the best treatment plan available. If left undetected, sleep apnea could boost your risk of stroke and other health issues. That’s why this test could be instrumental in saving lives.

Botox and Dermal Fillers

Botox and dermal fillers are two of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures around today. The amount of money spent even surpasses the costs of both liposuction and breast implants combined. You may choose either option to improve fine lines and wrinkles or add volume to skin that is lost with age. Your dentist can also perform this task to correct TMJ, chronic facial discomfort and bruxism. If you’re a patient who is having difficulties adjusting to lip augmentation or dentures, Botox and dermal fillers can also prove helpful. Dentists are optimum candidates for dispensing Botox and dermal fillers as they are skilled in maxillofacial and oral areas of the body. Your dentist also undergoes extensive training to have a better understanding of the face, neck and head regions. In-depth precautionary protocols are also studied to avoid any risks or complications.

Cancer Screening

Close to 50,000 Americans will fall ill to oral cancer this year alone. If left undetected, approximately 9,500 could perish from the disease. Cancer screenings typically involve getting the skin and abnormal moles assessed by a dermatologist. If you’re scheduling a trip to your dentist for a routine cleaning, you can also have your mouth, lips, neck, tongue, face, lymph nodes, salivary and thyroid glands tested for any unusual abnormalities. Some dentists also have additional testing equipment available to help detect cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions. If you notice symptoms such as a sore that won’t heal, mouth pain, tenderness, lumps, bumps or growths, call your dentist for a an immediate consultation.

Most people go to the dentist for teeth cleanings, wisdom teeth extractions and to get cavities filled. Your dentist may also have other qualifications that exceed the standard services. The above are 4 tasks your dentist can perform that you may not be aware of.