7 Strategies to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Naturally

The current political climate has caused many individuals to reach for the aspirin. But no matter whose party you support, there are ways you can keep a positive attitude and reduce stress and anxiety. The following are 7 tips that will help you keep your sanity while reducing stress.

Put Away Your Electronics

Between smartphones, tablets, laptops, television and radio, you’re never far from the global comings and goings. If you’re having a difficult time improving your mood, try to go without your electronics for a period of time. Substitute the time that you would spend pouring over news stories by doing things with your family. A bike ride, walk along a nature trail or a meal without phone in hand allows you to bond with your loved ones.

Essential Oils

If you’re feeling anxious and find it challenging to cope, the healing power of oils allows you to achieve balance, peace and harmony. Organic essential oils at wholesale prices offers high quality merchandise for a fraction of the cost. But when choosing essential oils, look for the items that are sold in their purest form, so you can reap the therapeutic benefits. They should also be undiluted to ensure their effectiveness. The top stress relieving essential oils include fennel, chamomile, lavender, rose, frankincense, ylangylang, cinnamon and lemon. If you’ve never used essential oils before you can harness the healing fragrance of the oils by adding to your shower or bath, massaging into the skin or placing a few drops onto a handkerchief, scarf or scented cloth tucked into your bra.


Whether you enjoy running, Zumba class, Tai Chi, Pilates or yoga, exercise can be an excellent stress reducer. Similar to meditation, working out allows you time to focus on your thoughts. The movements also allow you to release endorphins that can help boost your mood. Staying active also helps you stay fit, lose weight and reduce your chances of falling ill to health related issues.


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to alleviate stress is through meditation. At only 15 minutes per day, you can release your worries in a few focused breathing movements. Begin by breathing in for three counts. Hold your breath for three counts and then release slowly. Once the air has been released, begin the exercise over again. Use this time to also clear your head and free your mind of any bad thoughts. You can take your meditation to the floor by laying on your back, closing your eyes and breathing in and out.

Massage Therapy

Getting a massage is a real no-brainer for individuals who are tense and stressed. The massaging movements can also improve circulation and reduce pain within the body. Depending on your personal preferences, a Swedish or deep tissue massage with healing oils can provide some much need relief for anxiety and stress. If you’re looking for something lighter and soothing, you may want to request a lomilomi massage. This Hawaiian based form of massage therapy uses the therapists feet, elbows, fingers or knuckles to lightly heal the body and release tension.

A Good Night’s Rest

Too little sleep each night can leave you feeling crabby and on edge. If you get too much sleep at night, you may feel depressed and sluggish. To help reduce stress naturally, you need to find the right numbers of hours sleep each night to help your body function. If you’re having a difficult time getting to sleep, take a warm shower or bath before you hit the sheets. You can also promote a good night’s rest through foods such as dairy, bananas, turkey and figs.

Improve Organization

If your life is out of sorts, your clutter and disarray may be to blame. You can gain control of your peace and sanity by making a to-do list. If you can’t stand the sight of an untidy home, find ways to stay on top of your chores and cleanliness.

Whether it’s work, family life or political woes that have gotten you down, stress can take a toll on your daily life. It can also impact your health and mental wellness. The above are 7 strategies that will help you find peace and serenity on a natural plane.