Why Composite Fillings Are the Best Filling Material

There are several different types of filling materials to use when you have a cavity. However, none of them are better than composite, which is a tooth-colored material. This filling bonds naturally to your tooth, allowing it to stay in place longer than a metal filling.

If you know you need dental fillings soon, you should know all your options. Most people prefer having tooth-colored materials added to their mouths for several reasons.

What Materials Are Available

Today, a dentist can fill your cavity with silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, or composite. The material you choose can impact the cost of your filling. However, composite will match the color of your tooth the most naturally.

Silver and gold tend to stand out the most. If you are worried about others seeing your filling, then you do not want to choose these materials.

Why Choose Tooth-Colored Materials

Tooth-colored composites are much easier to hide. A dentist can match the color to your existing tooth. This feature makes them the best choice if you need a cavity filled in any of your front teeth. Overall, their discrete appearance is why most people choose this material.

The material also provides several other benefits:

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

  1. Better Bonding: The material will bond to your tooth much more reliably than metals can. That way, you know the composite isn’t going to fall out too soon.
  2. Less Invasive Procedure: Next, the dentist will remove less of your natural tooth. This material is more flexible than metal, allowing your dentist to shape it to your cavity.
  3. More Functions: The material offers several more functions. For example, you can use it to repair cracked, chipped, and worn-out teeth. Metal doesn’t work for these situations, most of the time.
  4. They Repair Easily: Finally, your dentist can easily fix damages to this material.

The Downsides of Metal Fillings

  1. They Are Hard to Fix: A metal filling is more challenging to repair. Your dentist will need to take it out and replace it if the metal cracks.
  2. It Won’t Match Your Tooth: Metal will be sure to stand out amongst your pearly white teeth.
  3. More Tooth Comes Out: Finally, your dentist will need to take more of your tooth out to apply the metal filling. It needs more space to ensure it stays in its proper place, meaning more of your natural tooth has to go.

Trust Your Dentist

If your dentist says you require a specific type of filling, it is best to listen to them. They are experienced professionals who know what kind of material will give you the most benefits. When you go against their advice, you may run into oral issues later on.

However, most practices offer tooth-colored dental fillings today, so you should be able to get one.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to choose a tooth-colored dental filling. It won’t stand out and requires that a dentist remove less of your natural tooth. Overall, it is the best material for fillings.