Tips and tricks to find out cavity

What does a cavity look like? A cavity occurs when any particle of starch and sweet food is held in our teeth. This provides the space for bacteria to grow and increase the cavity area day by day. It also becomes a cause for making the food particles as much acidic and enhances the growth of the hole in the teeth. Cavities are made when these acidic [articles remain in our teeth and destroy the enamel covering. This not only damages your teeth but also destroys the complete structure of our teeth. It also affects your gums and you are not able to smile with these damaged teeth.

For its prevention, firstly you have to identify the cavity in your teeth. So, there are the following tips and tricks that help in the identification of decayed teeth and a cavity. 

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is the first sign and trick to identify that you have a cavity and a hole in your teeth that is not treated before. You also feel pain and toothache whenever you bite anything. Moreover, the problem in chewing something is also a huge indication that you have a cavity in your teeth. 

  1. Tooth Sensitivity

When you feel irritation and a burning sensation in your teeth, this means that your teeth have a cavity. But it is considered as the less clear tip for identification of the cavity. But in this situation, you feel a tickle in your teeth. This is because of bacteria growth due to the remaining food particles and this causes the thinning of your teeth. The outer covering called enamel protects your teeth from bacteria, but when this layer decay then you feel sensitivity in your teeth. 

  1. Holes in Your Teeth

The hole is a huge indication of having a cavity in your teeth. This means that bacteria have completely decay your teeth from the inside and create a hole. You can feel this hole while running your tongue on those teeth where you feel a hole. For confirmation, you can see this hole in the mirror, if it is in the bottom teeth. This can be treated by the filling of your teeth.

  1. Dark Spots On Your Tooth

If you have ignored your cavity for a long time, then it left black spots on your teeth. These black spots are visible to you. These spots tell that you have a cavity in your teeth and it became more severe. Moreover, if discoloration occurred in your teeth then this also indicates the cavity. This is the first step or sign in which firstly the discoloration occurs in your teeth. Then it creates a hole. But if you see this sign then contact your doctor for consultation. The discoloration occurs in mostly three colors, black, brown, or grey. Dark spot gives you a surety that you have a cavity in your teeth. 

  1. Halitosis or Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is caused when the bacteria destroy your teeth and enters into them. This causes pain and this pain leads to bad breath. This bad breath also causes by the same bacteria that causes cavity in the teeth. You identify the cavity if you brush your teeth you may contract your breath as well as experience the bad taste. 

  1. Pus

Pus is also an indication that your teeth have a cavity because it is the main cause of pus. When your teeth gums swell, it causes pain, high temperature, as well as swelling in glands, also occur. so in this situation, you should visit your doctor for getting proper treatment. 

These tips and tricks help you in the identification of the cavity in your teeth so that you can visit the dentist immediately to get rid of this situation. 

The pain is here. Worried honest cute girl showing where her tooth aching while paying a visit to the dentist with her mom