Overcoming Fear of Flying, Clowns, Crowds, Cats and Other Weird Phobias

List of Phobias and Phobia Cures to Heal the Fears

There are many hundreds of named phobias and those dealing with these fears do not have to remain frozen by
their effects.

All phobias are in fact very similar: a particular stimulus, be it spiders, snakes, or very well anything
else triggers the phobic individuals fear response when it isn’t appropriate.

Phobias, No Laughing Matter

Phobias are no laughing matter. A fear of spiders is pretty understandable even to the most level-headed person
but weird phobias like a fear of clowns or a fear of Germany can be difficult for family and friends to come
to terms with. Nevertheless, for the phobic person, these issues are as real as sunrise and sunset. For them
there is apparently no escape and they are trapped inside a world that has unbelievable horrors hidden behind
everyday objects. How often have they said “Thanks a lot!” to their friends for their laughter
and lack of understanding?

There are many theories about how the extensive list of phobias is caused and there are just as many cures
available. Many people have been helped in overcoming fear of flying or dispelling their fear of cats and
the results have been permanent. When you see a phobia cure in action, it can be so fast that you wonder
why people live such lives of trepidation. The uncontained joy is marvelous to watch. This time “Thanks
a lot!” is really meant.

Although some experts believe that the most common phobia, fear of spiders, is a genetic, self-defense mechanism,
the list of all phobias can be broken down into two main categories. These are recognized as “externalization” and “traumatic
experiences”. Externalization is the tendency to convert real problems that you are having into a fear
of an outside object. This is a pressure valve for your brain. If you can put your problems onto something
else, you don’t have to deal with them yourself.

Traumatic events can be absolutely any event in your life. They often cause strange phobias included in all
lists of phobias. To a small child, being frightened by the painted face of a clown, especially fictional
killer clowns, can have a lasting effect. The original trauma may be forgotten or blanked to your conscious
mind but the fear reaction stays with you. Stephen King’s “It” has been a major contributor to
coulrophobia or fear of clowns!

The list of 10 most common phobias includes some surprises. For example the No. 2 phobia is the fear of being
judged negatively in social situations. Number 7 is fear of vomit (yuk!) and number 9 is the fear of thunderstorms.
However no list of phobias would be complete without claustrophobia (the fear of being enclosed) and agoraphobia
(the fear of open spaces and the fear of crowds).

Cures for phobias include conventional medicine, hypnosis, talking therapies like neurolinguistic programming
(NLP) and confrontation therapies like cognitive behavior therapy. Meridian and energy psychology is an interesting
and rapidly acting therapy that is gaining credibility as an effective fear-free method of treating phobias.
There is no reason to live with a phobia with so much help at hand.

By Mike Kay

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