WeightLoss Struggles Were the Life Story of Opray Winfrey Till Meeting Bob Greene

The Best Life Diet Transformed the Life Story of Oprah Winfrey
and Her Weight Loss Struggles

The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene

Oprah Winfrey has to be the best advertisement for Bob Greene and his book “The Best Diet”. Although
facts about Oprah Winfrey on her publicly broadcast track record in weight loss over the years has been patchy,
to say the least, you can’t deny her amazing transformation since 1992. As a role model for women across
the world, Winfrey is Greene’s ace card.

Greene himself is no slouch. His track record as a fitness and nutrition mentor is impressive. He has written
a string of best sellers including “Make the Connection”, “Get with the Program” and
associated guides as well as “Total Body Makeover”.

In three very readable sections, the book leads you through all the tools you will need to give your body
what it needs. This is not just a diet book, it deals with the psychology of weight gain and weight loss
and provides solutions. Greene knows that lasting results require a major shift in habits and self-respect.
Oprah’s signed contract with herself might sound trite to some but Greene understands that each person has
their own mechanism to gain self-respect.

Meeting your daily energy and nutritional requirements is made easy too. Greene provides guidance about food
buying and recipes a-plenty with their nutritional breakdown. His aim is to get you to make a phase-shift
in the way you live and eat. Seventeen years of experience to date, have taught him that only this approach
will give you long-lasting results.

The title of the book should say it all. If you are looking for the best life or the best diet, you will find
answers to them both in Bob Greene’s “The Best Life Diet”.


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