Weight Loss: 8 proven remedies

Weight loss can occur intentionally or unintentionally. Unintentional weight loss is caused by a poor diet and/or health problems. It can be handled by treatments and use of hormonal balance therapies. Intentional weight loss can follow from a doctor’s advice or depend on an individual’s will to look fit in good shape. The main reason why a doctor advises patients to lose weight is to help them heal faster and avoid further health problems brought about by excess weight such as diabetes, high blood pressure and difficulties in breathing among others.

If you are trying to shed some extra weight, you might be wondering what in particular you need to do when it comes to dieting and exercise. Continue reading this article to find out about 8 proven remedies for weight loss.

Diet suggestions

1.    Drink plenty of water: Rumour has it that you are supposed to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Water facilitates digestion and helps burn excess fat in the body. If you are not able to drink as much water as 2 liters, try taking plenty of other fluids such as unsweetened herbs teas.

2.    Increase Omega 3 intake: Omega 3 fatty acids are found mainly in fish and are used to burn any other kind of unhealthy fat in the body.

3.    Go vegan: Eating vegan works fast and gives satisfactory results. This is because animal products increase fat production in the human body. This diet has additional advantages such as reducing wrinkles and giving a smooth, bright look to your skin.

4.    Do not skip meals: The process of weight loss does not mean that you are supposed to starve yourself. Starving cause more harm to the body than benefits. This is because the body’s immunity reduces and generally becomes weak. Instead, make sure you eat regular meals as the body needs a constant supply of energy to function properly but reduce portions. If you find it hard to control the amount of food you consume, dish food out using a small plate and do not go for second helpings.

5.    Avoid junk food: If you are thinking about how to reduce weight, you must avoid junk food. These are the processed foods such as chicken, fried potatoes and biscuits among others. Avoid any food that you have not cooked as featured in the lifestyle news since you will be able to cook healthy and eat healthy.

Activity level suggestions

6.    Do regular exercise: The gym is the best place to lose weight as there, under the supervision of expert trainers, you can perform exercises that will help shed your excess fat. At the gym, you can also target specific body areas depending on your needs. If for whatever reason you cannot make it to the gym, there are plenty of alternatives. You can buy a skipping rope and skip daily whenever you are free. Make sure that you increase skipping time systematically. You an also go for a run or for a walk if the former is too strenuous. Whether you walk or run, you will burn the same amount of calories if you cover the same distance.

7.    Keep yourself busy: Being idle for long hours helps to increase the level of fat formation in the body. The body should be active during day time to increase metabolism and quicken weight loss.

8.    Have enough sleep: A tired body does not work properly, which is true for your digestive system and your metabolism too. When you are overtired, you tend to overeat too. So make sure you give your body the rest it needs, which is on average 7 hours a night. If you can, add 30 minutes of sleep to your daily routine and you will notice the difference.

What you need for weight loss is discipline. Avoid obeying your food cravings, instead stick to your diet timetable and you will surely lose weight. If you are still finding it hard to lose weight in spite of this advice, please consult a doctor.

Daisy Grace is a health and beauty expert who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys writing about different topics related to women’s health and beauty.