Revitalize Your Life Essence with Dr. Taylor’s The Vital Energy Program

The Vital Energy Program

In the field of mind-body medicine, Dr. Susan Taylor has led the way with her studies of vital energy and how this affects the body’s overall state of being.

This holistic approach of health is becoming increasingly more popular as both health professionals and patients are recognizing its positive effects.

Techniques and discussions based on mind-body medicine are presented by Dr. Taylor in her audio program, The Vital Energy Program: How to Master Your Body’s Energy Cycles for Optimal Health (Sounds True).

About Dr. Susan Taylor

Profile Picture of Dr. Susan TaylorDr. Susan Taylor is well-known for combining scientific Western applications with traditional healing approaches based on Eastern philosophies. With a Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry, Dr. Taylor is a biochemist, medical consultant, teacher, and author. Her work has been published in many journals, including New Age Journal, Fit Magazine, Analytical Biochemistry, and The American Journal of Physiology. Dr. Taylor is the author of Sexual Radiance: A 21-Day Program for Vitality and Sensuality and the CD series, Healing Power of Meditation.

Dr. Taylor teaches Meditation Specialist Certification Training for health care professionals at the Center for Meditation Science in Pennsylvania, a facility she helped found and where she is also Director of Educational Programs.

Mind-Body Medicine

Dr. Taylor is a leader in the field of mind-body medicine, an area that examines the ways in which the psychological and physical worlds function together to operate our health and healing mechanisms. Life essence—or vital energy—is a large factor in the state of our health and well-being. This has been well-known in Eastern philosophies, and is now being acknowledged by Western scientific perspectives.

Dr. Taylor promotes through her work the idea of how life essence supports our physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. After two decades of private practice, Dr. Taylor shares her techniques in the audio program The Vital Energy Program: How to Master Your Body’s Energy Cycles for Optimal Health.

The Vital Energy Program

This program is based on the principle of how nourishment, breathing, movement, and relaxation can improve the mind-body connection. Included in Dr. Taylor’s health series is:

  • tips on what and when to eat and how this advice can increase one’s energy level;
  • suggested breathing techniques to stimulate the nervous system, which in turn lowers stress levels and improves one’s clarity; and
  • techniques to cleanse negative energy and to revitalize the body’s dynamic energy fields.

The Vital Energy ProgramDr. Taylor emphasizes how one’s vital energy can be easily directed by improving the body’s metabollic functioning. By improving energy levels, many chronic problems can be relieved, including exhaustion, weight imbalances, depression and emotional issues, low sex drive, various illnesses, and even sleep disturbances.

For anyone who is feeling a sense of disconnect and is seeking a balanced state of energy, The Vital Energy Program offers invaluable advice and techniques to revitalize one’s well being.

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