Easy and cheaper ways to get your teeth white

We all want to have beautiful, white shiny teeth. But the truth is as we grow older, our teeth also start getting more brownish and yellowish. You might consider seeing a dentist to whiten your teeth again. But that goes with a cost, and an exorbitant one. What if there was an easy way to keep your teeth white without having to pay that much. There are easy techniques that you can rely on to keep your smile bright. This can be done with readily available products that you already have at home.

Let’s start with the basics

For a dazzling smile you need to develop daily habits. This means you have to brush your teeth each morning and each evening before going to sleep. You can even choose to brush your teeth after every meal, that will be better. You should also develop the habit of flossing and using mouth wash frequently. Don’t forget to also change your toothbrush every month.

Fruits can help

Certain fruits can be used as natural teeth whiteners. Fruits like apple and vegetables like celery and carrot have this crunchiness that can help whiten your teeth. Human saliva plays an important role in cleaning the mouth. Eating those fruits enable the production of enough saliva that cleanse your mouth and washes away food particles. When it comes to natural bleach, strawberry can play that role. You just need to eat those fruits more often to keep your teeth white.

Watch what you put inside your mouth

Some drinks can stain your teeth. Avoid coffee or cola drinks. If you are in the habit of drinking those type of beverages you should try and cut down on it. Also make sure to rinse your mouth any time you drink those.

You can rely on whitening recipes

There are many free to use online recipes that you can rely on to whiten your teeth. Here is one of them. You will need baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Take a teaspoon of each of them and mix them up. You should then add some few drops of water for the mixture to turn into a paste. You can brush your teeth with that once or twice a week. This doesn’t work to perfection like getting your teeth whitened by a professional but it can still help.

The banana peel

This is a really easy way to get your teeth white without having to break the bank. Get a ripe banana. Peel it. You can choose to eat the banana fruit itself but that is not the important part of this operation. You just need the banana peel. Take the inner side of the peel (the whiter side) and rub it against your teeth for 2 minutes. The peel offers minerals like potassium, magnesium and manganese that help keep the teeth white. Do this twice daily, morning and evening, you will progressively see your teeth whitening over time.

As you can see, getting your teeth white is not that complicated. It can be done using kitchen tools. That doesn’t mean you should not see a professional dentist if necessary. These are just basic methods that work for simple cases. Try them out.