The Inner Weigh: A Documentary About Creating the Body & Mind You Want

Estimates say that at any given time 66% of Americans diet to lose weight or to maintain their current weight.

What’s even more shocking is that a mere 5% of these people will achieve “success.” An entire industry has been built around trying to “help” these people—an industry that rakes in $70 billion per year.

Why do diets fail? Why do these failed diets leave millions of people feeling depressed, unworthy, and caught in a cycle of weight-obsessiveness?

The Inner Weigh is a documentary film written for people seeking answers to their weight-loss dilemmas. And here’s the answer: stop counting calories, and stop dieting. Start believing in yourself and let your subconscious guide you towards the body and mind you’ve always desired.

About the Inner Weigh Movie

A touching and inspiring documentary film, The Inner Weigh was produced with the goal in mind of helping people achieve what they’ve never thought possible: the life they’ve always wanted.

Recognizing that millions of people waste their time, money, and lives struggling with diets just to fail, Dr. Dave Smiley brought together a few dozen experts on healthy living, spiritual well-being, and motivational speaking to create this film.

Dr. Smiley himself was overweight, depressed, and felt like a failure. After discovering the law of attraction, Dr. Smiley decided to use it as a natural, peaceful, and spiritual weight-loss method. What he discovered was The Inner Weigh.

The Inner Weigh lets viewers discover how they too can have the body and mind they’ve always desired. Dr. Smiley and the numerous guests that appear on the documentary explain how goal weights can be achieved successfully—without dieting, without counting calories, and without letting the outter weigh win.

Using The Law of Attraction

Inner Weigh ClipBy engaging the subconscious mind, The Inner Weigh teaches viewers that the secret is loving your own image and not one dictated to you by a weight-loss company.

Viewers will learn that their weight-loss journey is heavily influenced by their thoughts and emotions—otherwise known as the law of attraction. This law states that each person’s life is created through their thoughts and attracted by their emotions.

In the documentary, it is explained to use this law of attraction for one’s benefit and in turning one’s life around. Once viewers realize their potential through the law of attraction, they will come to identify what they are really hungry for and how to satiate that hunger.

Creating Your Body & Mind

Viewers will gain a lot through this documentary, including how to end a struggle with food, how to appreciate their bodies and themselves right now, and how to loose and keep weight off permanently.

The Inner Weigh seeks to spread a positive message: you, the viewer, are worth having the body and mind you want, so go ahead and seek it out. By changing the way we think of ourselves, we have the power to create for us the life we’ve always wanted.

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