The Inner Weigh Weighs In: The Falling In Love With Me Campaign

At the end of the year we had an opportunity to review The Inner Weigh, a recently released film which is making its way across the globe.

The Inner Weigh is based upon the universal spiritual principles of the law of attraction and the power of the subconscious mind.

The film offers viewers a path for connecting with their authentic being with a loving body image. Viewers are given insight to help the transformation of old and inaccurate beliefs about their image that are any less than of pure love and beauty.

The author of the film Conversations With God, Neale Walsch, recently watched the film, and here is what Neale had to say:

The way you eat is an announcement of your decision about what you wish to do with your life and how long you wish to do it. The Inner Weigh can help you become the grandest version of the greatest vision you’ve ever had about yourself.


Person to Person Wireless

Documentary The Inner WeighYou know how fast people love to share a good movie. In just a few short months The Inner Weigh has reached audiences from Capetown to Canada, from Belgium to Botswana, and from Peoria to Pakistan. It is making an impact in 26 different countries, with many more to come.

This insightful and beautifully transformational film has had two screenings in the US. One was in Hollywood, and the other in Phoenix, Arizona. Both drew an attendance of viewers in the hundreds. Ten more screenings are scheduled across the United States and in Canada during the months of February and March.

International Day of Self-Love

February is a month where most people celebrate love. Knowing how to practice self-love is what ignites within us the power to love others. The producers and promoters of The Inner Weigh movie have come up with a fantastic idea: they are launching a campaign that starts on February 13th, 2011 called “Falling In Love With Me.” This day has actually been given the International Day of Self-Love.

You can partake in the campaign by watching the film, and passing it on to others.

Inner Weigh Testimonials

Leaping in AirWith so many amazing reviews and testimonials coming in from all over the globe you can understand why this film is getting so many 5 star reviews. They are coming in from people just like you who have vowed to start loving their bodies and living their best life. Here are just a few:

“I have to tell you I have never seen a more meaningful, high quality video, such as yours. I was truly impressed and felt such hope after seeing it. I recognized so many of your experts on the video and was touched to tears a few times. Thank you for producing it—you have helped many people, myself included.” Donna A., Jonesboro, AR

The Inner Weigh tape made me cry! It really makes so much sense. I can now see how I have been sabotaging myself. I really need to love myself better than that. Thank you for showing me how. I am going to get started right away.” Velda J., Fort Worth, TX

“Thanks for the reminder that everything I need to be the best me I can be is, and always has been, inside me and that I can love myself with the same unconditional love I have for my children!” Tamara C., San Antonio, TX

“I loved it! The best Christmas present ever!” Julie R., De Pere, WY


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