The Best Online Psychics for 2022

With the booming online health world, people turn many businesses into online models, including online psychics. From palm readers to mediums, psychics have the unique ability to find answers and support for life’s most difficult questions. However, it can be intimidating to sort through the many online options, looking for those that feel welcoming and trustworthy. 

Look no further; this list holds the best online psychics for 2022. They have built loyal followings based on their approachability, deep knowledge, and relationship building. Spreading across multiple disciplines and specialties, you can feel confident about being in safe hands with any of these professionals. Whether you are struggling with grief or looking for inspiration, these psychics will leave you feeling refreshed and on the right path to a brighter future.

  • Maeva Sun

Maeva Sun has been an experienced psychic for over 28 years. Self-described as “accurate, honest, clear, and straightforward,” Maeva Sun is a natural born psychic, tarot card reader, and couples therapist. Born and raised in Western Africa, Maeva Sun comes from a long line of family psychics and shamans. Using white magic, she will help release emotional blocks through special potions and lotions used for the laws of attraction. Maeva Sun welcomes new clients with warmth and an open mind, specializing in love, relationships, money, careers, healing, destiny, and life path. Bilingual in English and French and LGBTQ friendly, anyone is welcome with Maeva Sun.

  • Love Readings By Sabrina

Sabrina is a psychic with 18 years of experience who knows all about love. Specializing in reuniting relationships, stopping cheating and love affairs, and building better communication, Sabrina will unlock new levels for your relationship. Using her psychic abilities, tarot cards, and clairvoyance Sabrina can also help you cleanse your aura and balance your Chakra. Able to give you a full reading through chat in just one message, Sabrina solves your problem with a no-sugar coating attitude. She will help answer your specific love questions, from how your partner is feeling to if they truly love you or not, you will be able to walk away with a new peace of mind. Make sure to give detailed information in the first chat with full names and dates of birth.

  • Idalias Insights

Indalias Insights is a born psychic who uses her gift to guide people towards their dreams and goals. Experienced in astrology, palm readings, tarot card readings, clairvoyance, and spiritual healing, Idalias Insights has all of the tools in her honest readings. She will directly put you on your path by telling you the truths you need to hear and not just what you think you want to hear. Make sure to give full names and dates of birth before asking questions so that she may take the time to connect.

  • Maya

Maya is a psychic with over 25 years of experience specializing in love, relationships, and career growth. She sends your questions to the spirits and then receives her answers through in-depth tarot card readings. Maya is naturally born with spiritual ability, which focuses on helping her clients realize the ultimate goal of reaching their full potential. Focusing on finding solutions to relationships, marriages, reunions, divorce, and careers, Maya makes sure that each client receives the time and care they need. Always giving full attention, you will leave the reading has reached the roots of your problems and with suitable solutions.

  • psychic solutions

A third-generation psychic, this clairvoyant has over 15 years of experience. Without using outside tools, psychic solutions tune into your energy and aim to give you distinct details like time frames and solutions. Every morning they make sure to enter a deep meditation to renew their spirit to connect with the guides. This allows them to be open to receiving their new clients, attuning to them quickly, and granting their clients leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

  • Psychic Eva White

Psychic Eva White is a full-time licensed psychic practitioner who has been featured on both radio and tv. Using tarot cards and crystals, Eva will tap into you, and you are interested with just your full names and dates of birth. Strongly clairvoyant, Eva can learn and provide knowledge about your future. Her additional services include intuitive Reiki healing, chakra balancing, and energy healing across all topics.

  • Psychic Angels Insights

Angel is an Oracle reader and love guru who senses your surrounding energy to reveal deep insight about you. Currently running a store in Beverly Hills with her Grandmother that has been open for over 40 years, Angel is a trusted psychic in her community and is excited to be bringing her services online. Approaching every client with compassion and patience, she strives to get all of her clients’ truth and light. She was born clairvoyant and has learned palmistry and oracle readings from her grandmother. 

  • Psychic Alisha

Psychic Alisha is an expert on all topics of love, including breakups, divorce, and reuniting exes. Offering video chat, Alisha is a natural empath with the ability to foretell the future. She thrives on reaching solutions for her clients and ending the sessions with new hope and light. Having worked as an online psychic as a love advisor for 15 years, she learned from her great grandmother. Straightforward and to the point, Alisha uses tarot card readings, astrology, and her psychic visions to find the answers you seek.


After looking through all of these profiles, take the time to look inward and focus on what you are looking for. Match your desires to their specialties, and trust your gut that you are drawn to people with whom you will build a strong connection. These psychics will take your desires and open you up to new worlds and guide you towards enlightenment.