Learn About Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Alternatives to HRT

Estriol Cream and Hormones – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones replacement therapy as a woman reaches menopause has been the subject of much research and controversy

Many prescription, synthetic and non-plant based medications have been found to increase risks of certain
health problems in far too many women to be considered safe.

While they do relieve the symptoms associated with
menopause, the health risks are simply not worth the relief offered. So, is the answer to suffer through hot flashes,
night sweats, headaches and other symptoms silently? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is exactly like the hormones produced by a woman’s body. The two estrogens
a woman produces which are commonly discussed in the research reports are estradiol and estrone, but there is a third
natural estrogen, estriol, which is seldom discussed. This is a “friendly” estrogen which the female body
produces in small quantities throughout her reproductive years and which increases during pregnancy. Because it is
the weakest of the estrogen hormones, many thought it would have little impact on menopause symptoms. This, however,
isn’t the case.

Estriol cream, which can be used vaginally or topically, has proven to be an effective alternative to other non-natural
hormone replacement therapies. This cream, which must be purchased by prescription from a compounding pharmacy, relieves
vaginal dryness, urinary frequency and even has anti-aging benefits such as smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, and maintains
healthy tissue in the vagina, cervix, vulva and urethra. Because it is absorbed by the body in such low doses, there
have been almost no side effects reported by users of estriol creams.

Because alternatives for hormone replacement therapy are important to women who wish to maintain a quality lifestyle
without troublesome symptoms of menopause while avoiding the risks of non-bio-identical hormones, this solution has
proven to be a blessing for many women. Women in Europe have been using estriol creams for over 50 years, but only
recently has it appeared in America.

Of course, you want to discuss hormones replacement with your doctor and you do need a prescription to obtain estriol
cream, the benefits of this bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may be perfect for you. Your doctor can advise
you, provide a prescription if this is the right therapy for you, and you can order from a formulary pharmacy. Don’t
suffer menopause symptoms because you think the traditional hormone replacement therapies are the only solutions.
Try bio-identical hormones replacement and enjoy significant reduction or even complete freedom from the symptoms
of menopause.

Safe Alternatives to HRT

Non-plant based Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is linked to substantial increases in the risk for breast cancer.
Yet interestingly, plant-based estrogen complexes (phytoestrogens) have been found to be completely safe, and are
correlated with decreased rates of breast cancer over and above the general population.

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.