Shamanism: Is It Only for The Sequestered or Special Ones?

Invitation to the Shamanistic Journey: Part 2

This is part two of a two-part of an article on Shamanism. Click Here to Read Part One.

Important: In my spiritual walk of faith, I have experienced Shamanistic journeying.

There are those who would say this is not true, because my skin is too light and my eyes too blue. Some would say
it is not true because I did not get to these other realms through the use of Peyote, Datura, Ayahuasca, etc.

Some would say it is not true because I have not trained with a Shaman and do not, in this present incarnation,
come from a lineage of known Medicine Men. Some would even say it is not true because I am a woman.

I no longer have any need to prove my experiences to anyone, anywhere. The information printed here is here for
sharing and not at all open to debate. I really have no investment in what any reader may think of it. One is free
to read or not read. Judge or not judge.

How does the ordinary person invite shamanistic experience? In part one of this article, I shared a few of my own
numerous experiences in shamanistic journeying. In this second part, I’d like to explore why these experiences happened
and, if you are seeking such an experience yourself, perhaps give you some points of exploration within which you
can begin your own path of Sacred Initiation. I know there will be those who say I should not do this, in fact am
certainly in no way qualified to share. So be it. Either the information resonates with you or it does not. If it
is not of benefit, may you peacefully move on to that which does feed your soul at this time. Blessings. Neva

Who can have a Shamanistic Experience? I feel that Spirit will touch anyone who sincerely asks and who is, at a
Soul Level, ready for the sometimes disruptive nature of a true Shamanic experience. Since it is cellular and multi-dimensional
in impact, visioning changes everything about you in some way. After some of my own experiences, I barely knew how
to walk properly, so foreign did my own body feel to me. After others, I could barely talk, so foreign did the process
of speaking seem to me. My thinking altered, my way of reacting with people I had known all my life altered, everything

The comments above are shared as a genuine warning. Do not invite Spirit to come into your third-dimensional form
and bring a higher vibration unless you are ready for huge change and willing to go through quite frequent periods
of uncertainty about your reality. It is excellent to train with someone who has been through initiation already.

However, I must issue as strong a warning in that regard. Get to know the Shaman or Medicine Worker you seek to
enlist in helping you. Do they support the development of your own discernment or do they tell you what you can and
can’t believe? Do they offer questions or only their own answers? Do they encourage you to develop your own discernment
of experiences or do they tell you what your experience means? If you create a relationship with a teacher who controls,
is your experience really yours?

Even though I do believe that Shamanistic Journeys can come to any sincere seeker, I also acknowledge and greatly
respect those who are trained specifically to journey. Those in the Native-American, Buddhist, Evangelical Christian,
and other paths of truth. I certainly am aware of the hundredth monkey effect here. If it were not for those who
dedicated themselves, within the different spiritual disciplines, to journeying on a regular basis, the rest of us
would have a much harder time accessing that frequency now. Because we are living in what most spiritually aware
beings recognize as the true “end times” and accelerating toward a new world at dizzying speed, the grid
line of energy laid down by Medicine Men and Women of all spiritual paths, has been strengthened and can be accessed
more readily.

I also acknowledge that some of us chose to accelerate in this way and entered the earth realm at specific astrological
conjunctions times to make it easier to accomplish. I’m well aware of myself as one of these people. Having chosen
to come into this dimension on Halloween, I have always had an intense, almost overwhelming sense of walking in two
worlds, even from earliest memory. Because I also chose a life situation that delivered some pretty horrendous challenges,
there were times when my mind, body and soul could not function in the way I desired but seemed to spiral downward
into self-destruction and misery.

I walked so weary and applied alcohol, sex, work, drugs, whatever I could find to run away from what I had chosen.
I totally immersed myself in the lower vibration of my astrological reality of the scorpion, defensive, angry, bitter,
and striking out. I am very grateful to have risen from the debris of that time, as the Phoenix that is also associated
with my sign of Scorpio. I only realized after arising, and awakening, that the density I had been inhabiting was
just as important as the new heights of awareness, open hearted living and loving. Only by walking in the darkest
vibration of this dimension could I truly understand those with whom I was destined to co-create healing. So, without
knowing it, even my birth prepared me for shamanistic journeying.

Beyond that initial decision though, there were many other practices which have helped facilitate the ability to “see:”


There is a frequency that is created whenever one has set their intent to perform ceremony, that is conducive to
other-realm gifts. Merely the decision to create a Sacred Space and Time to pray, dance, sing or meditate, literally
changes the air around you and invites the Spirit to come closer.


I don’t recall when I first realized that my dreams were teaching me, but once I did, it occurred to me that a more
active partnership might be established. This has been one of the most tremendous avenues of developing the ability
to journey that I have ever found. When one asks for guidance, accelerated teaching and healing in dreamtime, the
other-realm helpers (whether you call them guides, angels, oversoul aspects, E.T.’s, your own higher self aspects,
etc.) listen.


Using the voice with intent is another powerful journey tool. When there is sound made from the throat, it actually
vibrates the entire body. If one sets this vibration in motion with spiritual intent, asking that any spiritual congestion
be cleared that might hinder the meditation or ceremony to follow, it is done. Let the voice find a tone that feels “right” each
time. Sometimes, primal screaming feels right and I allow this.

Moontime Isolation

In various spiritual paths, there is a practice of isolation during the menstrual cycle. In the Native-American
path, this discipline is called Moon Lodge. For about four years of my life, I was led to practice a very dedicated
discipline of isolation during my cycle. My path is blended tradition so I did not follow the rituals of any specific
Native peoples or other paths of teaching. That’s important to note. If you want to learn a traditional way of Moon
Lodge, please seek out a Medicine Worker who is trained in that path. It is their job to keep the structure of a
certain way of isolating, not mine. For information on how I do Moon Lodge, Click Here.

Moon Lodge isolation was probably the single-most important journey tool I’ve ever used. I found that the time of
my cycle was an intensely receptive time and that by dedicating what time I could (I was blessed to be able to dedicate
the full four days on some occasions) to being alone with that energy and offering myself up as a vessel of Spirit,
that great gifts were received. These vibrational adjustments and awareness form the basis of my walk now and have
resulted in a much more consistent other-realm connection for me, personally.


Moving in ways that are known to increase Chi, or life force energy, helps facilitate the integration of shamanic
energies. In my own experience, just having a vision is not very transformative. If I am unable to bring the “energy” of
that truth into my beingness, into my physical form, then the cellular change that would allow me to walk with it,
and embody it, is lost. It remains a promise of a gift unopened but ever offered. So, movement has been important
in the integrative part of my own experience. For others, it may help loosen restrictions that are keeping the body
from journeying, particularly in the case of astral projection, where fear may cause the body to stiffen.

This is a very, very short list of tips but hopefully there will be something here that can benefit you. If not,
I pray that you are soon guided to that teacher with the right words and the right frequency to impart the gift of
knowledge that you need.

This story excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook