Advantages of Organic Food in Daily Healthy Eating Plans


Advantages of Organic Food – Update
on Your Healthy Eating Choices

Last weekend it was the annual Natural Products expo show.

Recent years have seen a steady if somewhat slow shift
towards organic products, but this year it was great to see that there has recently been a much greater shift.

is very pleasing to see that the advantages of organic food are starting to get more widely known. There were over
2500 exhibitors with many of them being there for the first time and in excess of 36,000 attendees. This show is
strictly a trade show; this demonstrates the amount of business that is being generated in this area. Not just
in this country, as many of the visitors were from overseas.

As well as the exhibits, there were daily seminars with many being concerned with natural and organic products.
There were authors and a huge number of new books with distributors giving away many different kinds. There is a
lot of information and advice on living and being healthy available in all forms.

Ladies, watch the stores near you for the new and exciting range of all natural perfumes and cosmetics, along
with shampoos, conditioners and skin care. You will be healthy inside and out.

It was terrific to see that the number of producers of natural and organic beef has more than tripled since the
previous year. In fact there was a huge increase in everything from last years expo, including cookies, candy, chocolate,
and prepared and raw food.

There was even a certified organic cheese snack for kids. “Healthy Handfuls” are presented in a vending
machine size packet and hopefully we will start to see them in vending machines in school and movie theatres etc.
There is nothing more pleasing that seeing children eating healthy.

Even though they are not organic, there were processed food manufacturers represented. They were very keen to promote
the fact that they are producing food without the use of high fructose corn syrup and trans-fats. It seems that the
manufacturers are finally listening.

One of the very pleasant surprises was a urine test kit that can gauge the number of free radicals in your body.
The company claims it to have 90% accuracy. It will be great to be able to do a simple urine test to find out if
your body is at high risk of developing diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and a
range of others. With the range of anti-oxidants that are now available you can do something about it sooner rather
than later.

As usual, water was well represented, being the big business that it is. There were more water vendors than ever
before and some were even offering new high alkaline products.

One such product even guarantees to raise the level of pH in your body to create a very healthy state. Although
this was very expensive at $1.75 per half liter and you need to consume 4 of these per day.

But not to worry; there is a better way. At the show there was finally an ionizer unit that not only purifies our
tap water, it treats it with ozone and makes high alkaline.

Given the state of our tap water is not surprising that reverse osmosis units are so popular. Unfortunately an RO
unit makes the water acidic, and while it may be healthier than the original from the tap, it is far from ideal.

While we are on the subject of water, make sure you are buying bottled spring water, if you are buying bottles.
Do not buy bottled filtered water, because it is simply that; tap water that has been filtered. The spring water
is a much healthier alternative and is readily available everywhere. The best choice for water however is water that
has been treated with ozone and filtration. You can have that out of your tap if you buy the right unit.

What tells states is that we, the consumers, are finally starting to make a difference we are having an effect
on food, cosmetic and maintenance industries for the benefit of everyone. There are more natural foods, whole grain
foods, organic foods becoming available all the time, and it seems that the prices are even starting come down a

Also, it seems that Sam’s club has started to carry a good number of organic and green products.
Safeway, Costco, Sam’s and now even Walmart are starting to carry some organic lines. Once this gains
momentum, it will only be a matter of time before there are more and more organic products available, which will
keep pushing the prices down and making it easier for everyone to maintain a daily healthy eating plan. Finally it
seems that people everywhere are catching on to the advantages of organic food.

Remember the more organic we buy, the more we talk about the advantages of organic food the better it will be for
everyone, we may even see the children eating healthy.

Getting a healthy daily eating plan and actually being able to buy the goods to support a nutritious diet is very
exciting, and we are delivering a message that finally seems to be getting through.

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