Roth Collection of Ecstatic Dance Workouts

Ecstatic Dance Collection by Roth

Pioneer in movement philosophy Gabrielle Roth is an esteemed ecstatic dancer who shares her passion through her teaching and writing.

Focusing on the connections between physical, mental, and spiritual health, Roth uses movement as a form of healing, meditation, and inspiration.

The Gabrielle Roth Ecstatic Dance Collection (Sounds True) is a video collection of three of Roth’s dance routines providing guidance for viewers seeking an effective physical and spiritual workout.

Movement Innovator Roth

Ecstatic Dancer RothAs a world-renowned ecstatic dance innovator, Roth has developed the 5Rhythms movement philosophy used to heal the mind through body motions. She has shared this philosophy with thousands of people all over the world, helping engage the physical body with the spirit to improve one’s overall well-being.

Roth is a music and theatre director, as well as author of several books and journal articles. The founder of The Moving Center in New York City, Roth leads workshops around the world that focus on music, dance, and shamanism.

Mind-Body Dance Collection

The Gabrielle Roth Ecstatic Dance Collection consists of three DVDs each featuring Roth leading participants through a different dance workout that has unique focuses and benefits:

  1. The Wave is a workout based on Roth’s unique moving meditation and her 5Rhythms philosophy. The purpose of this workout is to heal and soothe the body, mind, and spirit.
  2. The Inner Wave features a powerful routine of a journey from meditative trance to stillness. The purpose of The Inner Wave is to create peace and serenity within the body and mind.
  3. The Power Wave is an energetic and high-speed dance workout. With this routine, participants will feel inspired with their creative impulses and help engage their intuition.

Restorative Guidance

Ecstatic Dance Collection by RothEcstatic dance is known as active meditation and prayer, and can help restore the body’s energy levels by connecting with one’s spirit through various body movements. It’s a personal practice that can be done by anyone wanting a spiritual reconnection with themselves.

Roth’s ecstatic dance collection is good for those wanting to begin a new and effective practice of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The Collection is also designed for those with experience in ecstatic dance and wishing to practice this form of movement at home. With several years of ecstatic dance and teaching, Roth presents for participants of all skill levels an energetic and restorative mind-body workout.

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