No More Sleepless Nights with Delta Sleep System Audio Program

Millions of people suffer from poor sleeping habits which results in dangerous and negative consequences to the state of their health.

Sleep is a necessity to a person’s well-being. It’s a restorative process in which the body can heal itself from physical stresses and the mind can relax and prepare for the following day.

Delta Sleep System: Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep, Wake Up Rejuvenated (Sounds True), created by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson for the Relaxation Company, was designed to help people develop quality, long-term sleep patterns. For those who already have the Relaxation Company’s Music for Sleep 4 CD Series, the Delta Sleep System CD is a perfect complement.

The Importance of Delta Sleep

Sleeping WomanDelta sleep is the deep sleep cycle that is essential to restoring the physical body and recharging the brain for mental alertness. During this period, neurotransmitters and hormones—such as the human growth hormone that is essential for tissue repair—are regulated as part of the natural sleep function. The brain also signals antibodies to maintain the immune system, boosting a person’s ability to stay healthy.

There are several consequences that can arise if delta sleep is not regularly achieved, including:

  • an increased chance of accidents, as alertness levels are affected
  • impaired cognition, attention, and problem solving
  • an increased chance of developing health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease
  • a greater chance of depression or other mental disorders
  • premature aging, as the brain cannot send antioxidants throughout the body
  • unnecessary weight gain

Research has shown how sound frequencies and specially arranged audio can positively impact a person’s sleep cycle and induce the essential delta sleep state.

How to Have a Better Sleep

Audio Program Delta Sleep SystemDelta Sleep System is a sleep program—available as an audio download or a two CD set—that successfully encourages listeners to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Mixed in with the musical soundscape are unique sound pulses and sounds of nature. This blend of audio is designed to lead the brain into a natural delta sleep and will leave listeners feeling refreshed in the morning.

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In addition to the audio, Delta Sleep System includes information on sleep cycles and how sleep affects a person’s physical and mental health. There are also tips and hints that users can follow to make using the program even more efficient.

Sleep Researcher Dr. Thompson

For over 25 years, Dr. Thompson has helped revitalize thousands of people through his therapeutic sleep programs. His brainwave entrainment techniques using sound frequencies and various musical soundscapes have been employed by other health and wellness practitioners such as psychotherapists, physicians, chiropractors, and bodywork therapists.

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