Review of Lulu’s Chocolate: Organic Raw Chocolates to Savor

Sample of Lulu's Chocolate

Lulu’s Chocolate is a company that produces organic, raw, vegan, low-glycemic chocolate bars using high standards of ingredient quality and environmental and ethical standards.

Lulu, the company’s founder, discovered raw chocolate by chance, and was amazed by the effects this raw food had on her body and mind. Not too long after, Lulu’s Chocolate was established, and now provides loyal customers with 7 different varieties of handcrafted chocolate.

I recently sampled 6 varieties of this organic, low-glycemic chocolate. The verdict? This is a product line that tastes delicious, satisfying your chocolate craving without giving you the feeling of a sugar crash.

Raw Chocolate Taste Test

Something to note about each one of the 6 bars I tried has to do with the chocolate smell that escaped when I opened each wrapper: it was delicious, and gave me my first indication I was going to be very pleased with what was inside.

Sample of Lulu's ChocolateAztec Crunch with Raw Cacao Nibs: This was the first bar I sampled. It had a delicious, smooth chocolatey flavor. The raw cacao nibs were quite good and added a nice texture to the bar.

Sedona Spice with Saigon Cinnamon & Southwest Heat: I didn’t detect any heat with this bar, but nonetheless I was not disappointed. The cinnamon flavor was subtle and went very well with the dark chocolate taste.

Maca Love and Chocolate Maca Chunk: These bars tied for my least favorites of the box. I prefer the darker chocolate taste of the other bars over this milder flavor. Perhaps it was the flavor of the maca I didn’t enjoy.

Smoked Sea Salt Almond: The dark chocolate taste and the almonds were absolutely delicious. There was a noticeable salty element to the bar, and it was light tasting and not too sweet.

Raw Love with Pure Vanilla Bean:  At first I did not taste the vanilla, but sure enough it popped up as a nice, smooth aftertaste. If I were to choose a favorite from the box, this one would be it.

Overall I enjoyed my selection of raw organic chocolate by Lulu’s. The dark chocolate flavor was smooth and bold. I was pleasantly surprised at my lack of a “sugar hangover.” This is probably due to the ingredients of this delicious raw chocolate.

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Lulu’s Chocolate: The Ingredients

The raw cacao used to make these chocolate bars is sourced from fair trade family farms in Ecuador. Raw cacao is different from traditionally processed chocolate because it is sun-dried rather than roasted. This process preserves the properties of the cacao.

Lulu’s Chocolate bars are sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar, which is derived from the sap of the coconut tree. The bars also use maca root, a herb considered energy, endurance, and immune system enhancing. Pure vanilla bean is also used to make these chocolate treats.

Natural Raw Treat for Body & Mind

Box of Chocolate from Lulu's“Lulu’s Chocolate is botanical alchemy to nourish body, mind and soul.” In addition to the high quality ingredients, Lulu’s commits to environmental standards by using recycled or compostable packaging. The company is also committed to social responsibility, and donates 1% of its annual sales to charity.

Lulu’s Chocolate bars are available across the country from many natural health stores. These delicious raw chocolate treats can also be purchased online.

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