Adjunctive Supplemental Support for Prostate Cancer

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What you put in your body, and how your body handles it, is the singularly most important factor to your health and your longevity. This is far from a new concept, and far more qualified and distinguished researchers and health professionals will tell you the same thing. As our knowledge of nutrition increases, however, supplemental digestive enzymes are emerging as the activators and catalysts that can vastly improve your chances of creating and maintaining your internal “biological terrain” in a manner that is favorable to good health. There are a lot of reasons for this and that is why you will want to learn more about natural supplements and enzymes.

Enzymes and Aging

As you age your body starts to deteriorate. This begins as early as your mid-20s. You may not know it for years, but this inevitable process is quietly taking its toll. Basically you are losing the enzymes needed to process the nutrients your body needs to keep itself healthy and strong. When the food you eat (nutrients) are no longer processed correctly, they begin to poison you. The protein you eat putrefies, your carbohydrates ferment, and your fat (lipids) turn rancid. All of this is going on inside you when you don’t process and eliminate your food efficiently. When this begins to happen, disease(s) of all kind sets in because your body’s immune system becomes overwhelmed.

Benefits of Supplementing with Digestive Enzymes

Supplemental digestive enzymes help prevent this. In fact these enzymes can significantly help prevent this. Enzymes can also help reverse the nutritional and environmental insults you have subjected your body to for years. The facts of the matter are, you, like virtually everyone today, need supplemental digestive enzymes. If you are not ill, taking digestive enzymes can help you stay that way. If you have been ill and have been helped or “cured” by digestive enzymes, you certainly don’t want to stop taking them, you want to commence a maintenance level enzyme
regimen – for the rest of your extended life! The results will surprise you – fewer colds, sickness, aches pains; more energy, vitality and zest for life.

By the way, supplemental digestive enzymes are not “medicine” they are “food” grown in laboratory conditions on a plant-based substrate, harvested, and highly purified for encapsulation. They are all natural, with no synthetics or fillers added.

By delivering direct to you, Enzyme Essentials can provide very high potency, pharmaceutical grade enzymes to you, at your home or office at prices that you can afford so you can truly benefit. While this started as a way to help those many people we have treated at the Transformation Enzymes Therapy Clinic by delivering follow-up enzymes directly to them by mail, at affordable prices, you can now also get these same products, not because you are ill but because this is a great way to help prevent becoming that way. If, perchance you are ill or feeling “out of sorts,” look into what the “magic” of supplemental digestive enzymes might do for you.

And finally, as you begin to learn about the benefits of oral digestive enzymes, be aware that all enzymes are not created equal. The power and potency of oral enzymes are measured by their units of activity not by milligrams of weight. The quantity of enzymes in a capsule is irrelevant if it has no power. The only true and correct way to measure an enzyme’s activity is to check its activity level according to the Food Chemical Codex Standard. This obviously is also the only true measure of value.

Please take the time to learn about digestive enzymes and why they can be immensely valuable to you and then, should you decide to move forward with your own enzyme regimen. This holistic health information on supplemental enzymes and herbs for prostate cancer is provided by Enzyme Essentials .

Men’s Prostate Health – Supportive Suggestions to Help Fight Cancer

Here is a digestive enzyme, nutritional supplement, and dietary regimen suggested for healthy prostate function when cancer has been found. These suggestions are not meant to replace the recommendations of your doctor, but to assist in your overall treatment plan. In addition to the enzyme and nutritional supplements, A Low fat diet is an absolute requirement. If you don’t commit to this, then you are wasting your time, your money, and your future. Keeping daily fat intake to between 15-20% of daily calories is suggested if you choose to holistically support your body.

For a “normal” 2200 calorie per day diet, that translates to approximately 33-44 fat grams per day. Eat only “good” fat (monounsaturated) such as olive oil. Stay off dairy products. No butter, cheese or milk. Soy milk is great! Try it but use the “light.” I think it’s better than the “non-fat.” Soy is an important ingredient in combating prostate cancer. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially anything with tomatoes in it. Tomatoes, and especially cooked tomato
(pasta) sauces, contain a lot of Lycopene which is a powerful cancer fighter.

Don’t be afraid of the chemotherapy (if you decide to go that route), but start your enzyme and nutritional therapy at least 60 days in advance of starting the chemo, if possible. The heavy doses of protease PureZyme, along with the other digestive enzymes and nutritional supplements, will help to prepare your body for the chemotherapy shock.

Your attitude and commitment to getting well is as important as all of the other treatment regimens combined. You need to simply adopt the positive attitude that you will get well. You are not sick, you simply have some errant cells that are currently out of control. Adopt the attitude that you Will bring them back under your control. Get plenty of exercise. If you can walk each day, during chemotherapy that will be great. Think positive thoughts and plan for your future. You have a long one ahead of you. There is a lot to learn so get some good books on how diet and nutrition can return you to good health.

Digestive enzymes play a central role in this process. Research shows that many cancers are a direct result of poor dietary habits over a lifetime. That does not mean you can not reverse this – you can. It won’t happen overnight so be patient, be diligent, and don’t cheat on your diet, ever.

Enzyme for Health and Wellness

A good very high quality, high hydrolytic activity, general purpose digestive enzyme to be taken with every meal.

This is a digestive enzyme to be taken with the meal in addition to the OxiCellZyme. LypoZyme is an extremely concentrated form of the digestive enzyme lipase. This assists in the digestion of the fats (lipids) you do eat.

This is a protease enzyme blend. Should be taken between meals. This is the singularly most important hydrolytic enzyme you need to take. Enzyme Essentials recommends at least 30 per day during the first 6 months and particularly during chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy (again, you must check with your doctor before adding these or any other new items to your health regimen). PureZyme is what we call the “big gun” in this adjuvant treatment, so we must stress its absolute importance in this therapy. You may want to read more information about protease, and can do so by visiting another page on HealthyNewAge which explains the product in more detail. You can even share this information with your doctor, and Enzyme Essentials is there to answer all your questions.

This is a powerful probiotic, containing lactobacillus plantarum, is an important adjunct to the enzyme regimen. It acts as a natural antibiotic while it detoxifies, pH balances, and cleanses the colon. Do not underestimate the importance of this ingredient in your overall regimen.

Nutritional Supplements that Support the Body’s Ability to Fight Disease

There are also other nutritional supplements that are quite helpful in assisting your body’s immune system and your body’s ability to fight disease. Here is a list that you will find most helpful:

Beta Carotene / Advanced Cartenoid Complex (Vitamin A): Antioxidant, immune system stimulant (enhances T and B lymphocytes proliferation, enhances macrophages, interluken production, natural killer cell tumoricidal abilities).

Vitamin E (d-alpha form): Make sure it is the d-alpha, not the dl-alpha. Stimulates immune function, combined with Selenium, it reduces the cardiotoxicity of adriamycin; increased (in vitro) therapeutic benefits of chemotherapy on human prostate cancer cells; often helps reduce hair loss (when begin taking at lease 2 weeks prior to commencing chemo).

Vitamin C Powder: This is an effective antioxidant; it helps regulate serum lipids, immune system enhancement, potentiates value of chemotherapy agents.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: This is a critical coenzyme involved in cellular respiration (energy production) and acts as a potent antioxidant. Helps to recycle vitamin C and E and conserves cartenoids in tissue.

Magnesium Citrate: Helps stabilize cell membranes, enhances immune system.

Potassium: Helps enhance membrane permeability.

Zinc: This is an important nutrient for prostate health.

Selenium: Very important. Enhances immune function, improves detoxification and enhances detoxification pathways, is directly toxic to cancer cells, acts as an antiproliferative.

Curcumin Complex: Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant, plus it helps enhance natural antioxidant enzymes in the liver; it has powerful anti-inflammatory action. Several anticancer activities have been discovered for curcumin. In the test tube it induces cell death (apoptosis) of human cancer cells.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): Laboratory studies on mice inoculated with humane prostate cancer have shown that diets supplemented with CLA will significantly reduce tumor load and cause a dramatic reduction in lung metastasis. CLA also has been found to stimulate the production of lymphocytes and of interleukin-2, and to increase the levels of certain immunoglobulins.

Modified Citrus Pectin: Helps prevent metastasis.

Super Lycopene Extract: In addition to eating a lot of tomatoes and tomato products, you can take this concentrate lycopene extract.

Green Tea and Green Tea Extract: Numerous recent studies continue to confirm that green tea polyphenals have powerful anti carcinogenic, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, and anti microbial actions. These studies also showed that green tea can block angiogenesis – the development of new blood vessels that tumors need in order to grow and metastasize.

It is important to get only high quality pH balanced and stabilized hydrolytic enzymes for your
therapy. If you don’t you are wasting your money.

Some reflections

It’s definitely not one of your better days when you get the news that you have prostate cancer.
Immediately, on hearing the news, you need to take control. You must assume responsibility. Your doctor will certainly guide and help you but you must also help yourself. We will also be available to provide enzyme information to your doctor as well. The adjuvant therapy outlined above can help save your life.

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