Perfecting Your Brows from Home

When someone meets you for the first time first impressions are made on attractiveness, confidence, mood, and mannerisms. You only have one chance to make a positive first impression. Looking your best and feeling your best when going on an interview, first-date, or even to the market is more important than ever.

If you got off on the wrong foot and started with a bad first impression, it is possible to overcome it but it takes much more work and effort than if the initial impression of you was positive. Usually. Your character plays the most important role in overcoming a bad first impression. This includes honesty, attention, repetitious showing of integrity, and vulnerability.

Instead of starting off with a bad first impression and having to make up for it, why not meet someone when you are looking and feeling your best. Make sure your makeup is on point, the outfit is cute, and the smile is bright.

Why The Perfect Eyebrows Are Important

Humans were given eyebrows for functional purposes, but that does not mean they don’t have to look good, too. We were giving eyebrows as an added protection for the eyes from the light, moisture, and outside elements like dirt and dust. Without this protection, the eyes would have a higher chance of injury or loss of sight. 

In addition to protecting our eyes, eyebrows are also helpful in communication. Eyebrows help a person be more expressive and convey their emotions during both verbal and non-verbal conversations. When having a tough conversation with a friend or loved one, eyebrows help us express empathy and care for that person. Eyebrows can also help convey excitement or question.

The look of the eyebrows helps people differentiate themselves from others. The eyebrows help shape the face and frame it out. The eyebrows are often the most overlooked area in someone’s make-up routine. If you have the right product, it only takes a few minutes to shape and fill in the eyebrows for a natural look.

Solutions For Perfecting The Eyebrow

The style of eyebrows has evolved over the years. The eyebrows that used to be fluffy and full are now shaped and shaded in. Some people have taken the drastic steps of permanently tattooing their eyebrows, whereas some fill in color with several steps of a make-up routine each day. Why not have the best of both worlds and use a semi-permanent eyebrow solution.

The TatBrow pen is one of its kind. This brow pen gives the effect of Microblading without going through the effort of getting the procedure done. The TatBrow Microblade Pen will add hair life strokes to your eyebrows with several natural colors to choose from. Once you apply the Tatbrow Microblade Pen, it should last over 24 hours and is waterproof. You can go into the pool without the fear of losing your face.

The cost to maintain a woman’s appearance has drastically increased over the years. Women get their hair, nails, facial injections, and other maintenance on a regular basis. This adds up to thousands a year. Why not cut costs when you can. This pen is available for under $30 whereas the Microblading procedure costs hundreds. With that cost savings, you will be able to spend that money on other important things in your life.

Look And Feel Your Best

Once you perfect your eyebrow look, you will be ready for Hot Girl Summer. Walk around feeling your best and looking your best with a strong brow game. Since the TatBrow Pen ink can be removed easily, you are able to change the look of your eyebrows as the trends evolve.