Top Benefits of Microneedling

If you are looking for a spa treatment that will help you achieve a natural youthful glow, micro-needling may be an excellent choice. This treatment is excellent for all skin types and can even be great for mature skin. The treatment can be used with other treatments as well to helplines and wrinkles to disappear. 

What Will A Micro-Needling Treatment Entail?

Before we discuss the benefits of micro-needling, you may be asking yourself, “What is microneedling like?”. This procedure involves using tiny shallow needles used to make invisible puncture marks all over the top layer of your skin. 

The puncture wounds will all be microscopic and not visible to the naked eye. The needles may sound a little scary. Even though they say, pain is beauty, you will be giving numbing cream so that you will not feel any discomfort during the procedure. 

Why you may find items online that say they can be used at home to achieve the same results as this proceeder. You should avoid them since they can cause a lot of damage to your skin if you do not have the training and knowledge to know how to use them correctly.

After the procedure, your skin will be red and may even have slight bleeding, but there should be minimal discomfort. You may feel some pressure at your jawline and experience itching around your nose. You will be sent home with a unique face wash and should avoid sweating or any beauty products for 48 hrs while your skin heals. 

For the next week, your skin may be dehydrated and flaky. This is completely normal as your face is healing. You will want to continue to use the products you were sent home with. If your skin is peeling, you can use a gentle exfoliant to remove it. After a week, you should be able to resume your regular skin routine. After that week, you should start to see results.

Benefits of Micro-needling

  • Youthfull Glowing Skin

Micro-needling is causing 100s of microscopic punctures that cause your skin cells to start to regenerate and heal. While it is recovering, your cells begin to produce more collagen. Collagen gives our skin its youthful appearance, and we naturally start to have less as we age. 

  • Smooth Uneven Texture

The healing caused by micro-needling also leads to your skin cells reproducing and natural healing places on your face that have developed uneven textures. The collagen also helps to heal these issues. 

  • Heal Scarring & Sun Damage

All of the micro-wounds created in the process of micro-needling help break up scars and sun damage, making them easier for your skin cells to heal while healing all the other wounds. 

It Is Time To Fix Your Face

If you would benefit from micro-needling, it is time to start looking for a local spa or salon offering the procedure. Ensure that you check reviews and go to someone experienced and reputable when it comes to this procedure. Remember, do not try to DIY this one at home because you can end up causing a lot of permanent damage to your skin. 

It is time for you to treat yourself and erase years off of your face. You are always taking care of everyone else, and it is time for you to do something that is just for you. So start calling your local salons and find someone that you can trust to perform your micro-needling, and you will be enjoying your new look in no time.