More ways to save money on health and fitness.

Have you ever experienced being ‘broke’? “If you face this situation even once, it would change yourlife, for the whole of your life you would use money judiciously.” Said Elizeh.

I was telling Elizeh, my plans of joining a gym and suddenly she said this to me. I kept on looking at her with a perplexed face, so she decided to enlighten me with her perspectives on saving and spending. She was totally against me joining the gym. I told her that when it comes to health, it’s never spending;it’s rather investing for your wellbeing.

Elizeh’s face was still as stern as it was before. The next sentence that came from her was, “Investment is never done blindfolded, and by joining a gym you are not being sensible.”

Elizeh is quite logical so I decided to discuss further. She said that when someone joins a gym, it’s not only about the gym fees, but also about many other expenses e.g. travel expense, gym clothes, gym accessories, hangout after the gym etc. I agree that all these things work like hidden costs, plus when you join a gym- immediately the trainers start persuading you for personal coaching etc. When we added all the probable money that I would spend by joining a gym, the sum was quite striking.

Once I realized that it is not a good idea to join a gym, I wanted a substitute for it too.”‘Performance fitness dumbbells’”, answered Elizeh. I got my tab out and started browsing for it. With the lightning speed whatever flashed in front of my eyes was unbelievable. It was a set of compact, adjustable dumbbells.

“This is your lifelong gym!” Said Elizeh I looked at her with a question mark on my face. To pacify my quest she decided to brief me about those dumbbells. Whatever she said is as follows.

This is a onetime investment that you got to do for your health. Now you will be able to work out at home, so whether its summer, winter or rain, you can exercise without a gap. This consistency would surely bring you better results. This set of dumbbells with solid, durable steel handles would accompany you for many years to come. This one set is a multipurpose one so you can add as many variations to your work out as possible.

In the course of time when you grow stronger, still 23 different weight settings would cater to your increasing needs. The hassle free flick of wrist to adjust increments is an added feature. When you purchase performance fitness dumbbells, it gives you a complete exercise program and usage instructions that saves your money on trainers and exercise manuals. The whole set is designed and tested under the supervision and guidance of experts in the field of physiology, that too those who have specialized in sport physiology, so there would be no problem regarding getting hurt because of the dumbbells.

If you would buy regular dumbbells, then you would require specially crafted rack or a cupboard to keep those. In case of these adjustable dumbbells you don’t require any rack or cupboard, these dumbbells are so space effective that those would accommodate anywhere.

Now by being sensible and buying this product you wouldsave yourself from many other hidden expenses. You can spend a part of that saved money to eat healthy food.

As they say “a penny saved is a penny earned!” you have just saved a lot of money buy not joining the gym. Rather you have saved money and got a genuine epic adjustable set of dumbbells that would shape your health and fitness. I decided to go ahead and buy performance fitness dumbbells and got a good deal. More savings! The happiness of savings boosted me to begin with my fitness campaign and saving those extra dollars gave an extra bit of mental peace. I am already feeling pumped in my chest! How about you?

Author Bio: Hi, I am Ethan Huber (@Huber_Ethan) Fitness Enthusiast, always eager to share fitness tips, tricks, workout plans, E-books. My mantra for life “Eat Healthy, Stay Fit and Live Happy…”!!