Medical Cannabis: Important Things New Patients Need to Know

You may be curious. You may have experimented when you were younger. Now, marijuana is legal in your area for medical purposes. However, you’re not entirely sure what being a patient means and what it subsequently entails. There’s no need to get paranoid about medical cannabis. The rules are clear and options are many for excited new patients. Here’s what you need to know.


Research and Ask an Attorney


Laws and regulations vary by state. So, you’ll need to do a bit of research as far as what’s legal in your area. For example, how much marijuana can you transport in your car? Can you smoke with a friend who does not have a medical card? Seek state FAQ pages and forums associated with your state or consult a knowledgeable attorney.


How to Get a Medical Card


Firstly, you may need a referral from your general practitioner. Alternatively, you may be able to walk into a certified destination and obtain a medical card. While some state processes, like those associated with California, may allow you to complete the end to end process in hours or less, you may have to first apply and allow for acceptance and processing before the actual purchase of marijuana.


Choosing a Dispensary


Now, that you have your medical card and are legally able to purchase marijuana, you need to find an appropriate vendor. Choosing a marijuana dispensary should be pretty easy. You can use Google, ask people in the community, or look for the tell-tale dispensary signs with the cross. However, don’t settle since dispensaries vary in offering other services. A wellness center may offer courses, mentors, and books in addition to cannabis. Medical-only dispensaries accept those with cards and caregivers. Recreational dispensaries offer cannabis in addition to apparati and accessories.


Shopping at the Dispensary


While the types of dispensaries do not vary widely, experience does. For example, one dispensary may have a large selection. Another’s prices may be a lot higher. Also, you may be blown away by the number of selections as well as the names, which are more clever than indicative of effect. Yet, shoppers are not led blindly into the shop, the worker or in some shops ‘budtender’ will help you select the right type of cannabis and form. For, today’s cannabis enthusiasts do more than smoke flowers.


Types and Variety


You’ll be amazed by the variety a medical marijuana card affords. A buyer may choose among flowers, edibles, pre-rolled joints, concentrated resin, and beverages. Many people attend shops to purchase flowers, the most traditional form of cannabis product. Offerings are usually broken down into categories, including sativas and indicas, which are known to provide different effects. For example, sativas are reported to make people more energetic and are usually reserved for day use varying from indicas which make people feel more ‘stoned.’


Dosage and Result


A purchase should be based on the desired result. Also, you should consider your preferred method of use. For example, flowers require accessories. Buying rolling papers is a cheap way to go, or you could purchase a water pipe that ranges in price. Also, it’s recommended to take small doses at first, until you can accurately determine the effect and whether or not it’s tailored to your liking. A horrible consequence would be getting paranoid or feeling sick due to taking too much at once. Alternatively, some prefer botanicals that provide therapeutic effects but don’t make you feel ‘stoned.’ Visit


Method and Routine


As you get more familiar with options and methods, you’ll develop a routine. You may find that some forms of cannabis are more conducive to your routine. For example, if you need to use cannabis in the morning but you have a roommate who is sensitive to the sound of coughing and the smell of marijuana, you may be better off buying edibles or something you can drink. Alternatively, you may have a high tolerance and prefer the more concentrated form of resin, which requires an apparatus.


Cannabis and Daily Life


While it’s legal in your area, understand that citizens and employers reserve their own opinions. Firstly, you should be aware of marijuana’s effect on your mind as well as how you appear. For example, you would not want to appear ‘stoned’ in front of your daughter’s friends. Secondly, the effects may not coincide with your job duties. For example, you may hold a marijuana card, but ingesting cannabis may interfere with regulations relating to operating machinery.


Jayden McLean, a medical marijuana patient, enjoys sharing insights online. Look for her posts on a number of health and wellness blogs.