Is a fitness boot camp right for you?

bootcamp-fitness-img_4805Fitness boot camps can give a person a chance to build his strength and endurance. But it is important you have a proper idea of what to expect before enlisting for it. You first need to what a boot camp workout is.

What is a boot camp?

The term boot camp might originally have been used by military personnel taking in new recruits and training them. Today the terms is also used by gyms and personal trainers for a type of group physical training

In these types of workouts you can expect to go through an intense mix of cardiovascular exercises and stretch movements that will remind of yoga and pilate. You will also be required to perform strength related exercises like push-ups and pull-ups. In most of the cases you will find yourself in a group on a sunny day working together on some calisthenics, military-style drills and in some cases martial art.

The different workouts are done in time intervals with most intense exercises usually followed by less intense ones. There are many people who can benefit from this type of activity.

The benefits of boot camp workout

The idea of a fitness boot camp is to provide a whole body experience where strength and endurance is acquired. Some people enjoy going for these types of workout because they offer something that is more challenging and varied. The fact that the exercises are done in groups also brings about a sense of camaraderie among participants. Also there are no special equipment required like some of that are found in expensive gyms.

Should you try a boot camp?

The fact is the type of exercises practiced in boot camps are more appropriate for people looking for something really intense. The workouts performed in that setting are rather for those who are already in shape because they require ballistic, rapid movements. So if you are the type who already has a strong foundation on aerobic training and strength, you probably have what it takes. That said even if you want to enlist for it, take the time to find out how the program is structured to get a better picture of what will be expected of you on the d-day.

For any person that is older than 40 it is preferable to look for the advice of a doctor before deciding to join. The same applies to a pregnant woman or any person suffering from a particular condition. In the situation where the doctor thinks it is OK to participate, the person with the health issue should still let the instructor know about it before the training starts. That way he will understand better and be of help when the person is not able to perform certain movements. In some cases he might even suggest an easier way to adapt to some types of exercises.

What to expect from a boot camp

The intense workouts performed in boot camps can help burn calories in the shortest amount of time and also strengthen the body. Opinions about the results of this type of workouts are mixed but the point is if you want it to have an effect for the long term, you have to keep the habit going. It is not just a matter of doing it once in a while and forgetting about it. Going for a boot camp at an interval of once in a week should be ok.