Carseat Safety and Consumer Report Information

Things to Know About Infant Carseat

The increase in the number of road accidents makes it necessary that you employ carseat safety measures for protecting
your children from potential injuries.

However, due to the increase in the number of companies offering child safety seats, it has become very difficult
to select the most appropriate car seat for your child.

If you are facing such problems, you can refer to the consumer report carseat guidelines, which state that the basic
thing you need to look for is a seat that fits your child’s size, can easily be installed, and can be used
without problems every time you drive. The guidelines also state that you should not base your decisions on the price
factor, as it often has no bearing on the effectiveness of the car seat. It is better to look for available features
rather than the cost of the child safety seat.

To ensure that a car seat will provide the necessary protection, you can opt for a brand that confirms to the requirements
of car seat laws in States where you will be driving. These laws were devised after reports indicated that most of
the child fatalities in accidents could have been avoided just by using a simple infant car seat. Reports also indicated
that standard inbuilt safety measures such as seat belts are not effective, as they are designed for adults and not
for small children. The laws were devised to make people aware that by investing in a simple infant car seat, they
can ensure the safety of their children.

Car seat laws cover every type, such as rear-facing seats, infant-only seats, convertible seats, and forward-facing
seats. The laws require each type to confirm to the minimum set standards that are necessary for providing adequate
protection to your children. For example, all children below one year and weighing at least 20 pounds are required
to travel only in a rear-facing safety seat.

Rear-facing seats are available in two variations namely, infant only seats and convertible seats. Infant only seats
come with carrying handles and feature safety harnesses that cover a child’s upper torso. Many are available
with a detachable base, which is fixed permanently in the car. The child’s seat can easily be removed from the base,
as it has a smooth click in and out mechanism. Detachable seats are better because you do not have to install them
every time they are needed. You just have to slide the carseat across the base and it will automatically lock itself
to the base. Convertible types are quite similar with the only difference being that they can be converted into a
front facing car seat when a child is big enough for them.

Apart from using safety seats, you also need to follow child safety guidelines for ensuring the safety of your child.
For more information on carseat safety measures, tips, and suggestions on buying the most appropriate check out consumer
reports, carseats are rated by safety and price.